View Full Version : Finished achievments on lvl 5, 2nd time through.

06-09-2006, 08:19 AM
So I wasnt expecting this, I recieved the 3rd/4th propaganda reports and the Bird collecting achievment after replaying up to level 5.
I played through the game fully recieving all my achievements for collecting 6 birds and 3 metal for each level but at the end of the game I did not recieve those 3 achievements.
I thought I messed up on level 8 so I started a checkpoint from that level and after completing the game I still didnt get the achievements.
I then started a new game and on level 3 I completly forgot about a bird and restarted a new game.
This time through on level 5 after collecting the 2nd metal I recieved the 3rd propaganda report, I was like WTF, but cool, i'll take it. I then recieved the 4th report after collecting the 3rd metal. Then when I picked up the 6th bird I recieved the bird collecting achievement.

I don't know why i got them this level seeing as everything I read was that you needed to replay the whole game. which may not be the case.