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12-24-2007, 02:08 PM
Ok i noticed in the guide there is a few blank spots for places to get certain achievements, some people may have got these through first playthough but for those who had problems use the chapter select to get the levels after you completed the game

For this you need places to just gather alot of skill stars (which means you need alot of baddies)

so i have place them below. . .

Master of Precision Aim :uzi:

I used the last chapter WONG ESTATE where your in the gardens of the temple there are plenty of cranes dotted around plus lots of enemies to rack up stars simply unload precision after precision till you run out then run around gather some health get few cranes which around the houses unload some more.

After few restarts after you get to the checkpoint for the helocopter you should have easily got this here

Master of Barrage :AR15

Again i used the last chapter but from start to finish this time because your req adouble your bomb bar to use barrage when you come up against WONG you get a unlimited spawn of baddies just keep running around racking up kills using dive's the stairs to complete fill your bomb guage, then wait around dodging the sniper shots that he fire's get enough in the lower part of the hall and unlesh barrage twice an restart the process till you get Achievement

Master of Spin Attack :rant:

Two places can be used end chapter again which prob quicker or the placei used the save the band area in the Mega Restaurant Who told you to stop playing. You start off with in the hall way go forward and you enter a standoff dont kill any of them just dodge the bullets and after hit the spin attack button you should kill about 6-7 that was attacking you in the stand off then run around kill the next few that come out to rack up some stars then men in red suits come out kill the first two then run aroun takin note where the carnes are there is about 4 in here 2 hidden 2 ontop of bars unload one spin attack killing 3-5 then run back get the cranes to fill up guage then wait for more to run in and unlesh again simple this way you should've racked up 20+ if done correctly :woop:

Will take 3-4 go's

Rolling Death

This one simple and best done again MEGA RESTUARANT first area here you drop the guitar cases. first you drop the cases upstairs to the side of each rolling(2 in total) cart against a wall so you dont run over it then once both placed you start at the bottom again.
simply run upstairs wait for people to run up or come out of the doors jump on the cart roll and kill few at a time jump off before you hit anything DONT try turning round the corner jus jump off using LT run round to the next jump on that roll an kill to end jump off turn 180 and leap back on and follow same process meanin you will just roll back and forth or doin a U shape on the top floor.
You should get 25+ after men in white coat's the nine's and the guitar cases are there to reload weapons and get bit of health you can also use your health from your teq bombs as you quickly fill it up killing on the rolling carts

Ok that should help with the ones that aint stated in the guide