View Full Version : Game deciding difficulty setting by itself!

07-06-2013, 06:40 PM
Anyone had problems with the game changing the difficulty setting by itself? I started my game on Insomnia. I noticed at first that if you check level stats in chapter select, the next unplayed chapter always reads as 'daydream' but after you complete it, it doesn't change to the difficulty you chose at the start of the game.
However, for some reason examining chapter 4 levels that I've completed, they all read 'daydream'!
You cannot change the difficulty setting yourself after starting a new game, so there's no way I've changed it myself.
Thankfully difficulty setting does not seem to effect unlocking tarot cards or higher difficulty settings, despite what the game booklet says about unlocking Nightmare by playing through on Insomnia. Otherwise, it deciding to change the difficulty itself would have been a problem. I can select difficulty after starting a game via level select and Nightmare is right there to select from when you start a new game.