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07-13-2013, 11:26 PM
Custom Weapons - Explained
Written by Nevander

Hello fellow Painkillers,

Many of you may have probably noticed an option in the settings menus called 'custom weapons.' At first, I thought this was where you switched the fire modes between the triggers, but that was not it. They also appeared to be preferred weapons, which they are in a way but not exactly.

When you enter this menu, you see two lists of the same weapons. One list is called 'custom 1' and the other 'custom 2.' Both fire modes of both weapons are listed as separate weapons. This is because one fire mode is considered one weapon on its own in this game. You may have also noticed that when you press :ybut: and :bbut: in-game, a seemingly random weapon will shoot one of its fire modes.

Well, here's the explanation of what exactly is going on. Basically, the custom weapons options are 'shortcuts' to firing a particular firing mode of any one weapon, but with a ranking importance. So if you didn't want to switch to a rocket launcher to fire it, you can do that. However, if you didn't have a rocket launcher, it would fire the next weapon down the list that you DO have. It took me quite a while to figure this out.

Custom 1 is assigned to the :ybut: button.
Custom 2 is assigned to the :bbut: button.

So with this understanding, here is a practical example:

Say you want to make the :ybut: button fire a grenade when you want to, provided you have the Stakegun, or fire a Freezer shot from the Shotgun if you didn't. You would also want to have the :bbut: button fire a rocket when you want to, provided you have the Chaingun, or a burst from the Shotgun itself if you didn't.

All you would need to do is move the Grenade Launcher weapon to the very top of the custom 1 list, and then move the Freezer weapon underneath the Grenade Launcher.

Then, move the Rocket Launcher weapon to the very top of the custom 2 list, and the move the Shotgun weapon underneath the Rocket Launcher.

So to recap, with this setup:

If you pressed :ybut:, you would fire a grenade.
If you pressed :ybut: without having the Stakegun, you would fire a freezer shot.
If you pressed :bbut:, you would fire a rocket.
If you pressed :bbut: without having the Chaingun, you would fire a shotgun shot.
If you pressed :ybut: and then :bbut: without having the top two weapons (Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher), you would have a two-step shortcut to performing the freeze-then-fire method with the Shotgun for bigger foes.

Custom weapons are very good for shortcuts to firing grenades and rockets, which is why I recommend you use those weapons and the freeze-then-fire method shortcut mentioned above.

Enemies group together a lot, so wouldn't it be nice to be able to fire off a rocket really quick without needing to switch to the Chaingun just to do that? Meanwhile, you can have out the Shotgun for enemies coming at you one at a time.

Hope this thread helps some people out. It certainly helped me!