View Full Version : Need Help with 2 phials please.

12-31-2007, 08:07 PM
I tried to follow the guide but the description is way to vague the first one is in 1. Shanty Town it says to climb this huge waterfall but yet there is no physical way to do this unless there is some other way to try and climb it i tried on the lefthand side but the farthest i could get was the top of those darker colored rocks. 2. Canopy Forest the last phial where it says to higher ground or lower ground well i tried both ways and looked everywhere and it says it is on the furthest west canopy but by this time you are travelling due east no more west someone please simplify and i couldnt see these strung up pirates as well.

Diego Knyte
02-17-2008, 08:09 PM
Got the last of my Phials last night. w00t!

For the Shanty Town Phial (#4 per your description) you don't climb to the top of the waterfall, just the rocky ledges of its base. Remember you have the Feral jump too to if needed. If I recall I had to start climbing it from the right of the waterfall then make my way left. It's in a crack in the left corner.

For the Canopy Forest (#5) It took a some hunting. For starters, you can get it after the first and before the second transmitter/radio thing (of 3) that you must destroy. After breaking the first radio, take the zip line down. Kill the baddies off. If you jump down to the main platform of this end-of-zipline area and continue west-ish you'll be walking on dirt. Look up and you'll see a platforms/catwalks above you. If you continue about 50 feet I think there's like 3 posts just after the dirt that 2 of them have baddies strung up on them. you went too far!, turn around and go back to the dirt, turn on your Ferral vision and look for a climbing tree to your left when the dirt ends. Climb that tree then jump to those catwalks. It's up there to the west. GL