View Full Version : Problem with PGR4 checklist

Orion Assante
01-02-2008, 01:31 PM
Not sure if this has been reported already but if it has I apologize in advance for double posting (I did do a forum search but came up empty). A bunch of the achievements (18 out of 50 to be exact) for this game will not save or score when I check them off in My Checklists. Here's the list of the ones that aren't working for me:

8th Wonder of the World
Catch 'Em All
Endo King
Seat of your Pants
Rubbin' is Racin'
Show Jump
I Love PGR
You Won't Believe Your Eyes!
Secret Agent
Tonight Make Me Unstoppable
Play It Again Sam
PGR On Demand - Photo
PGR On Demand - Video
Giant Killer
Numero Uno
Beat Bizarre

None of my other checklists seem to have any issues like this one.

EDIT: Just noticed that these are the last 18 achievements on the list which may be an indication of where the problem lies or just a really weird coincidence.