View Full Version : quick way for explosive achievements

01-02-2008, 06:08 PM
This may turn off the people that don't want to cheat, but go to the site where you can get the Gamestop preorder code (theres a thread of it on here somewhere called 3 free cheats) and get your code for unlimited ammo. Then go to the level "Blood" and fire away at the cultists.

Alternatively if you'd rather not cheat, a good method is to go to the level "Rivers of Blood" and go through the first part of it where the exploding cultists keep popping up out of the ground. You can get 20 of them here: 10 in the first part then your ammo will refill and you can net another 10 in the part after. This would be much longer than the cheat method, but its about the easiest I could find without having to restart levels to refill your ammunition.