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01-17-2008, 09:33 PM
Hi people, i thought of this good idea, i realise there a subject on podcasts that is currently into play but what if we make it more effective, Im not quite sure how effective it is but I haven't seen much in there, it could be because no really interested, the news not being viewed, it could be anything. Well this would give this site such a very professional feel (BTW i am not insulting this so hear me out and I already know this site 1 of the best out there lol) But why dont have a RSS feed where the news that gets post in the podcast or homepage be sent directly to your desktop, there are plenty of programs that give you options like this such as Mozilla Firefox (current 1 that Im using), internet explorer and many others (Im sure you can many programs that can be used). This would give this site a umph' , and where they are sent out, it also notifies ya so you never miss out on what been said.

Anyway thats it peoples. thanks for reading

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