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01-26-2008, 07:38 PM
Elliott's surname revealed, Added in this info

Elliott Maslow

36 years old

Born: Point Roberts, Washington

Elliott is a freelance photo-journalist from Point Roberts, Washington. Along with the
other LOST castaways, Elliott has crashed from Flight 815 on a mysterious island.
Because of the trauma from the crash, Elliott suffers from amnesia. He doesn’t know
his own past and must work to regain his memory and to find a way off the island.
Elliott has lived most of his adult life out of the U.S., touring the world, chasing the
stories. He can talk his way through the ugliest of international borders. He’s got an
amiable, charismatic manner that’s purely self-serving. Whatever it takes to get a
story, he’ll do it.

Elliott works for one man – himself. He is:
∙ Educated
∙ Self-sufficient/Independent
∙ A Thrill-seeker
∙ Charismatic

Educated: Elliott studied journalism and photography at Columbia University. Photo-
journalism is his passion and he takes it seriously. The story is everything. He’s a
popular, sought-after journalist because he has a reputation for patience. He’ll follow
a story no matter how long it takes and no matter where it leads. And he’s

Self-sufficient: Over the years, Elliott has learned how to handle himself. He doesn’t
blink when a gun is leveled at him. He can charm his way into the most secure
buildings. And sure, sometimes the law has to be bent, a bribe has to be paid, a
quick exit is required. He’s done it all and there are very few situations that fluster
him. He doesn’t require much. He can travel on 2 changes of clothes and his camera
gear. The years have taught him just how little one needs to survive.

Thrill-seeker: Yes, he’s after the story. But let’s face it, he loves the adventure. One
week in Mogadishu, Somalia, the next in Sicily. He’s drawn to the danger like the
proverbial moth to a flame. And he knows that one of these days it’ll get too hot for
him and will likely kill him. But that’s not today. It’s never today.

Charismatic: Elliott can get himself out of almost any situation. Partly from his good
looks, partly from his humor, he exudes confidence. And yet he manages not to
appear cocky. Throw him in a room with a hostile crowd and he’ll have them
jockeying for his attention inside of 30 minutes. Elliott has a long fuse. In his line of
work, you can’t snap in moments of stress. You need to keep a clear head in the
most brutal situations. Once in Sierra Leone, with a shaking rifle pressed to his
temple, he calmly convinced the teenage soldier to put the gun down and let him go.
He barely broke a sweat through the ordeal. Long ago, Elliott convinced himself that
he’s at peace with the idea of being murdered or “disappearing”. It’s a consequence
of his work.



29 Years Old

Born: Albany, New York

Lisa has worked with Elliott for 4 years. Assigned to Elliott for a delicate assignment
years ago, their work became pleasure became lovers. But after a volatile 6 months
together, Lisa realized that Elliott’s too driven by the story. If she didn’t end it soon,
she’d be destroyed by his blind ambition.

Since then, they’ve become arms-length friends who often find themselves after the
same story. It’s a tense competition where Lisa has managed to come out in front
over the last year.

• Fiercely independent
• Driven
• No bullsh*t
• Quick-witted