View Full Version : Tactical Mission 1, Area 4 walkthrough

06-30-2006, 11:20 PM
Alright Pale, I have to ask. How the hell you do do the last sortie in Area 4. Im following this path, but I always get spotted and blown out of the air. I have tried so many different things.

xfrancox had this question, and, seeing as how it took me about seven tries to get this one done right (and the whole two bombs for two targets at the end), I figure I'd do a quick write up.


As the mission starts, wait for the comm frequency to clear and stick to the waypoints as close as you can. Keep an eye on your Mach meter and make sure that it doesn't break 1.0 (sound barrier) because that isn't a good thing for your airframe or for your completing the mission.

Decend to about 15,000 ft (around 5000 m) and hold course. If you stay up at your starting altitude, you'll run into a patrol about waypoint 5 or 6 that will pursue and end your mission, after about 7 minutes of boredom. If you get too low (not sure what the threshhold is), there's a nasty SAM site right atwaypoint 9 that will ruin your day after about 13 minutes of boredom. Be sure and hold altitude around 15,000 ft until after you hear the tone for final descent to the B-2 Bomber targets at waypoint 10.

Begin steady decent, watching your airspeed. You don't want to decend too fast, or advance to waypoint 10 too fast either. You may not have a whole lot of experience using GBU munitions, so to make them count, arm them by pressing Y as soon as you're done with waypoint 9 and target the bomber on your left. Keep the line drawn from the HUD to the target circle perpendicular, and line it up with the diamond indicator for the B-2 target. Press A once. Press Right on the D-pad, and steadily maneuver again to line up the target. Press A, and increase throttle to maximum. Slowly pull up.

Mission accomplished.