View Full Version : Best way to get credits

02-08-2008, 06:55 PM
I play a champ league final over and over, gives me a little over 500 credits each time for a few minutes of play. What's your strategy?

05-23-2008, 04:24 PM
Take Ascoli. Create 11 incredibly poor players and transfer all of them there. Put them into the starting team. To avoid the freezing issue that happens sometimes during substitutions, transfer 7 goalkeepers there and put only them to the bench so the AI will not make a sub.

Set difficulty to world class, halves to 2 minutes. Make the crappy Ascoli play against Barcelona, allowing the computer to control both teams. Read a book, surf the net, do whatever you want just switch Barcelona to human control 1-2 mins before the end of the game. The score will be between 4-0 to 9-0, netting 400-650 credits for 4-4.5 minutes, and you dont have to bother playing. If you have capacity, press A a few times when you here that there was a goal, to save the replay time, that cannot be turned off unfortunately.

Do a rematch, set control to computer again, and start all over again, 6-9,000 credits per hour.

Now all that would be needed is to have some more reasonable players online in the trading zone, who would understand that selling for example gold kits for 5,000 will do no good to anyone. People would lose their interest in the game if they have to grind for hours to put one single kit into the album. Players are WAY overpriced too, most people really do this only for the album achievements, but the community is nonsense.