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Divine Mark
02-14-2008, 06:34 AM
First and foremost, my apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Just read the "Beginner guide to boosting" and wanted to jump on it.

Just recently recovered my very old gamertag Divine Mark. Had almost all achievements for Halo 3 and Madden with the one I was currently using. Anyways, just a list of achievements I need help with;

1. 'Two for One' : Score a Double Kill with a single spartan laser shot in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Can't tell you how many times I've tried this on Snowbound, High Ground, and Construct. Very, very aggravating.

2. 'Steppin' Razor' : Score a Triple Kill with the sword in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

3. 'Mongoose Mowdown' : Splatter an enemy with the mongoose in a ranked free for all playlist (Online).

4. 'Maybe Next time Buddy' : Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online).

I can easily get the rest, but anyone who is willing to help with these please let me know. I'm usually online anywhere from 7pm-1am EST and nights on weekends.

Gamertag: Divine Mark

(Please note: I will help you with any achievements you need help with on any of the following games; Gears of War, Madden 08, NCAA Football 08, Guitar Hero 3)

The Pants Party
02-14-2008, 06:45 AM
Welcome to the site, Mark.

For future reference, every game has its own forum. Inside each game's forum is a stickied thread for achievement trading where you should post this request. So, scroll down the main forum page until you find Halo 3, then head in there and post in the achievement trading thread to find some help.

Gonna lock this one down though. ;)