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03-01-2008, 06:53 PM
So i got the game friday afternoon around 3pm from my local Gamestation and i was soooo excited. Well after all it is LOST... anyway as i was saying i got home with my buddy who was staying over the night, got a few beers and a pack of twiglets expecting a good night with LOST: Via Domus. Turns out we just stuck in Wrong Turn 2 for a bit of blood and guts after completing it in 6 hours...

Here is my review in based on Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Content, Characters and Length.

7/10 - Enjoyable To A Limit
The first time you stick LOST: Via Domus in your xbox you'll think " Wow, This game is gunna rock! I mean.. Its Lost!". You walk a bit deaper into the jungle after watching what i thought was an awesome crash cinematic and bump into a woman who is actually your imagination at this part but i not ruin it for you newbie players. Anyway the first part of the jungle you'll experience will be... BENDY! After talking to Kate you have to follow the dog which seems to like to make you run faster on purpose.

Like some people expected, Free roaming is VERY limited. Depending on your current quest there will be certain areas you cant visit. For example - the Black Rock, You cant visit this until your at (i think) episode 5. This is understandable but it would have been better to had been able to visit it before hand and to know where it is in future.. instead of following little pieces of toilet paper stuck onto a tent peg which somehow point you in the right direction?.

If your expecting some intense gun fighting like there is in the series then you'll be let down again. I completed the game only firing 2 bullets - I would happily gone trigger happy and shot anything but the chances that you'll find anything to shoot is bout as much chance as finding Atlantis.

Overall, The exploration is limited, gun-play is VERY limited and is usually only used for shooting TNT to complete tasks, Jungle can be HARD to navigate through.

Now im not amazingly fussy about graphics in games but what i don't like to see is smudges or stupidly unrelated characterization. Some characters faces look good and some look stupid. John Locke's face im rather impressed with but if we go over to Sawyer, Its a total pile of arse. The hair is like sea-weed and hangs off the side of his head like its been superglued that way.

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TO BE CONTINUED - Sorry i have to go now - Got Work and didnt realise the time before starting =[