View Full Version : Showing Off Your Completed Games...

03-04-2008, 03:42 AM
Hello guys and dolls..if you're like me you're sick of just listing your completed games because you think that they're too plain and don't really show off your accomplishments....I may have an answer for that, 3 seperate styles for showing off your achievement progress.. I am also willing to take requests from people, PM me if you want one and in what style... ;)

The first style is a mini version of the games main picture like so...



The second style is exactly how you see the first, only in their original sizes... (PS the first fight night logo is where Avatar should be.)


The 3rd and my own personal favourite style is very much in the same nature as the MGC userbars. Because they are the MGC userbars...only with the completed 100% marker. I get a little annoyed sometimes by the fact that it doesnt show all the games I've done and it only shows my most recent five. So here are the MGC userbars.....only stacked :eek:



The 3rd style i would only recommend if you have a small amount of completed games, around the same size as mine, although that may be pushing it, "extreme" gamers would be better suited with the smallest icons.

So I'll be taking requests if anyone wants any of these, i can get all pictures for all games so that's not a problem.

Also....good idea? yay? nay?