View Full Version : Gringo in need of Help! LEVEL 14

07-14-2006, 12:04 AM
The Hider refuge has come under attack and the priestess, whatever her name was is left with Jen back at the beginning of the level. The colouring of the level is a murky green, as is the room I'm stuck in. There are no visible gravity walkways, either active or disabled. The whole room is in this greenish tint except for the large cyllinders at the front of the room that look like the glowing tops of soda cans or some such.

You drop out of a hatch, and several hunters appear in a large room without much cover. There are two ammo containers in the back of this room and the front is dominated by several protruding cylinders that have a glowing ring around their top edge. They are arranged in a diamond pattern with two more on the ceiling above them. A catwalk extends across the room on both sides, halfway up. There are health pickups almost everywhere... no fewer than 10 in this room.

The main event is that on this raised dais at the front of the room, two Centurions (the guys with the autocannons for arms) spring out and start hosing you down. I've eliminated all opposition in the room, but what do I do now? I can't see any floor access. I can't find any buttons to interact with. I think that I've damn near tried shooting or blowing up everything in the room.

Of note is the four pillars in the room... well, there used to be four. If you're standing on the dais while looking towards the weapon cabinets, the one nearest you on your left is broken, presumably by a Centurion. The other pilars are not appearing to be destructable. Where the pillar was, there's a square flat surface suspended from the ceiling, but it is solid. On the floor there is what looks like a grate or a cover, but it too is indestructable.


Secret Elephant
07-14-2006, 04:21 AM
Make sure there are no enemies remaining and walk towards the front of the room where the enemies teleported out. You will be going through that exact teleporter to the next level.

07-14-2006, 05:24 AM
Glitch confirmed.

I had to restart from Level 12, Hidden Agenda, redo Level 13, Jen, and battle through Level 14. Good thing 14 isn't too long.

This time through, I didn't kill the Hunters but rather let them engage the Centurions and just played cleanup. A Hunter was the last enemy I killed this time through, and I think that was the difference... when it glitched it was the Centurion I killed last.

Anyhow, sucks to have to redo it, but thanks everybody for your help and participation.