View Full Version : trouble with phial on pirate enclave 2

07-14-2006, 08:39 PM
Yes my first post. I discovered this site recently. Many thanks to all you contributors for helping out us gaming challenged.

I've seen the guide. I'm having problem with this 1 phial location:

Move to the northeast side of the center island. On this side of the island, you should be able to look at the opposate island and see the entry gate. From the far corner, there swim directly east, following the bottom as it deepens. You will come to a rock formation acrhway deep underwater. Swim through the archway to a sunken WWII bomber. A Phial is located underneath the wing of the plane.
I believe I'm on the northeast corner of this island. I'm confused by what it means by "From the far corner...". From the corner I'm at, I believe I'm on the northeast corner of the icenter island according to my compass. I can look off to the left (sortof) and see the "inverted half diamond rock" and if I look to the right, I see the entry gate for 1 of the objectives (I believe the patrol boats objective). Am I in the right place? If I follow the instructions I pretty much get to the other island or the edge of the map underwater w/o finding anything.

Many thanks for those who help me.

- shaggy

07-15-2006, 07:24 AM
Nevermind....found it. Wrong corner of the island.