View Full Version : Military Base Act 1 Coins - Backtrack Ones

03-10-2008, 05:08 PM
I believe it's coins 1 and 2 I didn't get, because I couldn't backtrack! When I got to the bit where I found the computer that says "Open Security Bays" I tried to backtrack but I couldn't. I kept playing then I realised you had to backtrack to complete the act, however I never found a way back to the start of the level like descripted.

Would it be possible for someone who's got those 2 coins to explain again in more detail? When am I supposed to backtrack?

04-23-2008, 04:38 AM
Once you get to the "Open Security Bays" part, go back to the original room where you started the level...it's not that far away. Like the guide says, there's now an open room on the far side across from where the green lasers are (plus a room to its right with some robots). Go inside and I think there's an electrical panel you destroy (it might be a simple switch though). Then lasers should be gone for the room back across the way with the coin sitting right there.

The second coin you can get before Thing says "Hey Big Brain there's a computer" but either way it's behind a breakable wall (it's black and looks like it has a large X)...just punch it with Thing. This coin is found slightly deeper into the level from the first one and come off a room where you destroy several robots and have door going to the right (the breakable wall is there), straight (to open your way forward) and left (where you'll get to the "Big Computer" to call for your ride).

06-10-2008, 10:08 PM
could someone please be a little more specific on the second coin mentioned in this post...maybe with a picture or video or anything...i've been through this level three times and somehow can't seem to find it still

edit: never mind...as soon as i posted here i found my answer on the xbox.com forums...you have to trip the blue lasers in that room with the round desk to open the room across the hall, then use that room to open the door at the other end of the big room, the breakable wall is at the end of the dead end through that door