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03-13-2008, 06:57 PM
N+ will have Three DLC Packs
Written Thursday, March 13, 2008 by Alan Pettit
IGN (http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/859/859034p1.html) reports via co-creator Mare Sheppard:
"N+ co-creator Mare Sheppard told IGN today that Metanet plans to release three downloadable expansion packs, each containing about 200 levels, in the months ahead. The first pack will likely contain some easier levels and some co-op multiplayer levels and could hit Xbox Live Marketplace as early as three weeks from now. The second and third packs would follow soon after.

"The other packs will probably contain harder levels, race and survival multiplayer, and some classic N levels from the original game -- we're just not sure how the content will be distributed among the packs yet," Sheppard said.

Metanet is shooting for a price of 200 Microsoft Points per pack (US $2.50) or one point per level, and one of the packs will be free.
In addition to designing/porting the roughly 600 extra N+ levels, Sheppard said Metanet is hard at work on a potential title update for N+ that would enable level sharing. Although the N+ level editor, included with the game, allows players to create their own levels, the finished products aren't distributable over Xbox Live.

There are also some other "secret goodies" in the works for the three sets of downloadable content, but Metanet isn't sharing that info just yet."

Last I checked I could get any level anyone created as long as I was in their privately hosted match.

1. Play a game with a friend/friend of a friend, or ANY private match.
2. End the game, then look on the lower screen, it should say Press Y to download user level/episode (or something of that context)
3. To play this level, over and over, and over again (depending how good it is ;)) Go to single player, downloaded episodes, there then should be a list of all the downloaded episodes you have.
4. You can even host this episode in a privately hosted match of your own! Which means anyone else can download it as well. The only thing you can't do, is edit/rename/steal the credit....

acurate bob
03-14-2008, 08:18 PM
its a good job i checked this first, was about to do the samee thing. lol

I dont think its clear enough, but now all my friends who have N+ have my uber hard maps, he they though they were good...

HAHAHA you see when it comes to N+ maps, im kinda evil...

03-14-2008, 09:37 PM
Never even read that before now, still knew how to play custime maps, wasnt that hard to figure out ^^. To bad we cant do them in hosted public matchs