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03-13-2008, 08:16 PM
So Im at the level with all the fire columns, in Greece, you know the one, and I am trying to get Relic No. 2(in the alcove within the pillar). But, theres a problem,
(the link for the walkthrough at which part im at, http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TRAwalk/07midas.html).
I make my way from the entrance, checkpoint 22 (previously 18) across the wall run, jump to the handlehold, drop onto the slope, jump to the handlehold and up to another, then jump backwards onto the bigger slope and straight onto the horizontal bars, from there onto the stone pedestal and then jump to the handlehold.
Now here is the problem, when I go to jump from the handlehold on the wall to the slope and then try and quickly proceed to jump into the little alcove where the relic is situated, i just slide straight off and with no physical implication that it is even possible to actually make it, I was at it for over an hour, just a supposedly simple little section, and it turned into a near controller throwing rage of insanity.
This also happened to me previously, tryin to get a relic from the room where there are all the rising pillar and beds of spears. The huge jump at a weird angle to a handlehold, again took me a very long time and nearly cost me a new controller.
Whenever I attempt it, it just feels like that how ever much I could try the action would not register, it would, i guess, delay and just immediately slide straight in.
This game I have noticed has a few too many glitches than previous others I have played, I think Legend was awesome. But this for me at the moment is a bit strange........
So if anyone could help??!?!? Much appreciated.

03-17-2008, 01:04 AM
You could try a video walkthrough (http://www.youtube.com/TRATutorial) for that relic. It is a bit tricky, I know.

02-22-2009, 02:12 PM
Yeah, The best way to do it if you're having trouble is to follow a video guide.
Find out the name of the relic and search that name on YouTube, you'll be able to find it then easy.