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03-21-2008, 11:24 AM
Hey guys.

Finally completed all musou modes and stuff (Lu Bu's last stage was :eek:), I got all achievements apart from All Targets, All stages on chaos, and all characters to lv50, and I just thought I'd try Chaos.

So I tried Yellow Turban Rebellion with my level 45 Lu Bu, and I was absolutely decimated. I had to go back to the bases to get health about 5-6 times. If I had to fight a general+general or a general+lieutenant or anythin like that, I'd get owned.

Took forever to take down infantry, and only managed 400-500 ko's.

Not bad I spose. But I just thought the easiest level in the game would be... well.. alot easier, even on chaos.

So, if I'm going to play all the scenarios on Chaos, then I'll need alot of tips, if anyone has any for me :)

Also my question. Are there 4th weapons in this game? If so how can I obtain them?

I have a hunch you need to get a char to level 50 to unlock his/her 4th weapon but just a guess.

Thanks for anything you guys can tell me :D:drunk

03-21-2008, 02:01 PM
well the easiest way ive heard is to go thru the stages with SSX or yue ying as they ave a bow, so lvl em up to lvl 50 and u shuld be untoucable since u can hit the emenies from far, tho im workin on betta horses/weapons for zhao yun :D

o and no 4th weapons at all, soz

03-21-2008, 02:53 PM
wtf no 4th weapons? :eek: well that sux :(

Thanks for the tips with SSX and YY. Personally, my SSX is like lvl 24 (lol) and my YY is level 1 :D

I'll try SSX :) thanks

01-24-2009, 08:17 AM
Also try to get a weapon with flash, it can instantly kill enemy soldiers and do some decent damage to enemy officers, I played on the Yellow Turban yesterday and got 1k+ kills with Sun Shang.

If you do use her it's best if she's level 50 also use a lot of musou attacks she owns with them when you're surrounded :D.

06-07-2009, 04:09 PM
if your going to use ssx or yue ying make you MUST have flash because the bow doesnt do amazing power besides i never even used a bow ill tell you what i done

i have zhuge liang lvl 50 with a lvl 90 power weapon with flash, true musou, balance, and berserk = ownage or my other weapon was lvl 96 power weapon with true musou, berserk, concentration, and arrow flight = not bad

im a guy who liked to kill EVERY officer before going for the leader which always took me about 10-20 mins even on easy =/ ( even the peons i like to kill :P)

so on levels where you just need to kill the leader grab zhuge liang run straight for the leader soon as you get to the door if no 1ns there knock it down but if some 1 is hiting you unleash your special and it will rip the door open and soon as you step in it will burn the house down (now if you are level 50 you will have hellfire causing every 1 in the base to get burnt to WAY low health so get musou and run to the leader and rape him with your fan/sword and make sure you make a list of what levels you have done on chaos or ull be confused like i was

A little trick/tip for people who are like me and spend 10-20 mins on levels without being on chaos
just before your about to pick a level it says "Fastest Time - 00:00:00"

if you always spend over 10 mins on easy nd that
rushing the leader on chaos will take you litterly 50 secs - 9 mins top ( well i did)

ON LU Bu's levels where you gotta kill every enemy ( let them battle it out for a bit ) then musou an officer then run away get musou then keep doing it on every officer till they are all gone

06-13-2009, 08:43 PM
I used Yue Ying to finish all of the Chaos scenarios. She can be very helpful because not only does she have a bow, but she also has a "Special Start" tile in her skill tree, which means she'll also start with a tome. This may sound like nothing, but in any level where you run in to kill a general, this can definitely make or break you.

Any weapon with Flash makes your life about ten times easier, not joking. With Sun Shang Xiang as an example, I was able to last a lot longer in Chaos with a power 79 weapon with flash than a power 91 weapon without it. This was before I went to using Yue Ying for every level.

If you've got an excellent horse (eyes consider the world, heavenly physique), then you'll have a huge advantage since you can run, preserve renbu, and recharge musou if necessary. Musou is crucial when fighting generals on Chaos, it's basically the only way you're going to inflict serious damage. I happen to have one (it's named Valiant Cloud, and it's of the Dapple variety with Winged Hoof, Renbu Gait, Musou Spirit, and Arrow Dance), and I don't think I would have made it through Chaos without it.

06-15-2009, 05:57 PM
yue ying has arrow special which isnt very good fire is always the best especcially with zhuge liang as he has 2 skills which make the fire stronger so every peon is 1 hit and officers about 4-10 good for rushing

02-17-2013, 05:42 AM
always have a weapon with flash and stay on horse that worked for me i was LuBu