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Wi1d Ey3d Jok3r
03-25-2008, 09:58 PM
Story goes as follow:

I beat the game earlier today on normal, but did not unlock the achievement for doing so or for casual (since they stack). I went back through the chapter select menu to check out my completed difficulties per section. I noticed that level 4 the "Penthouse view" chapter was marked incomplete with the following chapter locked. I thought this strange since I beat the game... without finishing a chapter of a level? I loaded up Penthouse view and completed it on normal, playing until I killed Vlad in the next chapter. No achievement unlocked. I went back through it on casual to the point where I enter the elevator, achievement for completing it on casual unlocked. At this point I was like :confused:. Hoping to use the stacking idea to fix this, i then beat the chapter on the hard difficulty; no achievement. Finally, I beat the chapter before "Penthouse view," Penthouse view, and the chapter after on normal. No achievement.

As you can tell, I've played through this chapter on various difficulties and still don't have the achievement. It just reads, completed on casual. The darn thing won't update to normal or hard.

Am I missing some touchy checkpoint or something? Is there any known fix to correcting this issue? For the sake of my gamerscore, somebody help me!:(

The Pants Party
03-25-2008, 10:06 PM
Very weird... well, if you're going for the full 1k or 1250, you'll need to do Hard Boiled anyway, so I'd suggest just starting a new game on HB (or Hard) and play straight through, see if that fixes it.

Wi1d Ey3d Jok3r
03-25-2008, 10:50 PM
I figured it out. For the record:

Oddly enough you have ill the guy riding on the chopper, and then hi replacement while at the bottom of the staircase. Upon killing them both, Vlad says something to the effect of "don't let him upstairs." At this point you reach a checkpoint and complete the chapter.

Not knowing this in the past, I wouldn't kill off the two guys and open the door obstructing my path. Instead, I jumped on the rail next to the door, and then dove over the little door barrier thing. Apparently, this bypasses the chapter system somehow and glitches the game while allowing you to advance.

Hope this helps some poor soul in the future!

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