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Tyrannical Duck
03-26-2008, 07:11 PM
I looked around the forum, and found some threads that helped, but they only gave me an idea on what cars to use. I'm wondering what to use for downforce, width of tires, etc.

I know this game is supposed to be all about how you tune your car, but I haven't seen anything yet that explained what the downforce does. I know what it does in 'real life', how it basically keeps your car on the ground, but in the game, should I have a low or high downforce? Same goes for tires. I've seen where I've been able to autosculpt the wheels to make them wider or more narrow. What's the difference? Will it help me in any races to have wider tires?

Just asking for some general tips from some of you who have beaten the game, or just know a lot about it. Thanks guys.

03-27-2008, 03:19 AM
an interesting Q, so far in the game ive seen what i would exp-ect in real life. For examp[le to get one of the early RYO achievments i needed a sub 17s 1/2 mile. Only owning the civic i was stuck at about 18.5 (my lazy ass bought the tier 3 performance packs off MP. However upon dropping the ride height, increasing the downforce (making sure not to damage top speed) and setting the gear ratio's at drag length ( std and longer at each gear successivley) i got a clean 16.5, not bad for a 275hp intro car. It's tamer than RL but the principles still seem to apply.

In drift it pays to tone down downjforce and use an overpowered car with RWD.

Mostly the game seems easy. Also rather fun too!

Tyrannical Duck
03-27-2008, 04:40 AM
Yeah it is pretty sweet. I've been having fun customizing my cars. I have a car with the dragon on the side and it looks like he's chasing this little dude. The little guy is running and has like.. a dust cloud behind him. Looks crazy.

Anyway, I know some stuff about cars. Basically what HP does, what torque is, some parts, models, etc. Didn't know what changed if you changed some things though.

So, for drift, have high downforce, but don't sacrifice too much HP?
What about Grip? Right now, I'm using a 240 SX that's suped up, not that much though. I got a Roadrunner for drag. I got it for my download content. Any tips for other classes of cars (drift, grip, etc)? And thanks for the answer btw.

03-28-2008, 04:39 PM
Got some more tips for you,

Always race with the 'middle' assistance level (called racer) find it in gameplay options. This allows you to just let off the throttle to corner perfectly as the game will brake harder than you can by physically pressing the brake, stupid but it works. Turn this off and set it to 'king' mode for speed challenge type events because the computer brakes and drops gears randomly.

For wheelie events use the dodge charger R/T with full upgrades (~850bhp) increase the ride height to max DO NOT adjust any of the aero properties (bodykit, spoiler etc) make the wheels on the front small and stock and make the rears huge aftermarket. Have all the shocks and suspension stiffened. Do the opposite of the above for drag events, easier to use another car though, something like the shelby GT500 will do the 1/4mile in 7.5ish fully decked out. I average about 8s in mine with lax ratios.

Drifting for me is best in the 350z, engine tweaked but no body mods, make sure to have level 3 Nitrous or you'll never score big (nitrous into a drift for 100 bonus, but for best results use nitrous to continue your drift into the next corner for mega points) also if you are drifting off a track either on the inside or the outside edge, nitro will keep you on track.

Final tip, buy a bunch of stuff off the marketplace, will make life loads easier, if you've got the [real life] cash :D

EDIT in answer to your Q's HP is horsepower (and to put the cars in perspective your average car in the UK is like 100hp and in the states maybe 150hp) torque is all important, its BASICALLY acceleration against the cars weight, so a light car with high torque is fast. The Lambo in the game for example is low on horsepower compared to the big american cars (~650bhp) but its so light that its torque is ridiculous, thus its faster.

Basically ignore most things. For drag you need high downforce and grip along with lots of BHP, for racing you need medium downforce and whatever BHP you can handle with good grip. For drift you need low downforce and grip but high bhp and rear or 4 wheel drive.

Have fun

Tyrannical Duck
03-28-2008, 07:03 PM
Thanks man. That'll help me later on when I'm trying to do wheelies. Right now, I'm using a roadrunner to drag with. It's OK. It only has 4 gears though so if I do a half mile, I have to actually slow down or I'll blow it's engine. Kind of a pain in the ass.

Quick question again. I noticed when I drive with my 350z, sometimes I slide around the corner. What do I need to change to make it to where I just turn but keep my speed? I can get used to the sliding, but it'd be nice if I didn't have to. Anyway, thanks again.

03-29-2008, 02:37 AM
increase downforce m8, a rear wheel drive car will always slide though, maybe invest in a 4wd like the TT quattro or the evo

Tyrannical Duck
03-29-2008, 06:15 PM
I have another question. I downloaded those 2 free download pack things. I got some new cars, tracks, etc. I got a free Leon and a free Roadrunner. Well, some cars have the price of N/A. I can try to buy them but it wants me to buy them with Microsoft Points. Is there any other way to buy these cars without using actual money? I want to get the Koenigsegg, since I had one of those in Test Drive, and it was awesome. Thanks for your advice man, I appreciate it.

Okay, last edit. I found out some stuff to answer my own questions. I had some questions about drag cars, and how to stop doing wheelies. Well, I bought a level 1 suspension and put it on my Roadrunner and now it's not doing wheelies while I'm trying to drag anymore. But I don't use it for drag anymore anyway. I won a Supra, pimped it out all the way and I'm doing 1/4th miles in 6.5-7 seconds and half miles in around 10 seconds. I turned my Roadrunner into a wheelie car and take it to racedays that have wheelie competitions as my backup.

Thanks for your advice.