View Full Version : Uefa Euro 2008 DEMO Review

03-30-2008, 09:25 PM
i thought i should tell people how it is better/worse than fifa 08!

I thought that the gameplay was very flowing and they have apeared to have fixed the pasing ssystem it is much more technical with the power of the pass the same with shooting that is much more solid!

Be A Pro:
This has been a excellent improvement you no longer have the player 3rd person view but its the same view you have while playing the game which is more helpfull i think!

Best graphics to date on a fifa game smooth and solid everything looks like it should!


Gameplay 8/10
Be A Pro 8.5/10
Graphics 10/10

I think this a must download just to see how fifa has improved

Note To Admins: Please delete this post after the game comes out since another member will probaly review the full game!