View Full Version : Beating the keeper???

04-21-2008, 01:38 PM
OK ive read every post every tip and bit of advice and i just cant score the penelty.

Im English and know nothing about ice hockey at all but following the great advice of these posts managed to get all achievements (except ps) in one game.Ive now been trying for this last one and cant get it.

The strange thing is unlike most people i can get the penelty shot had it 4 times in an hr now i just cant score it im doing everything people say in posts ie sliders, denmark 2controlers etc etc

But saves everytime things like pull keeper ect mean nothing to me as i know nothing about ice hockey.

Can someone please please do me the massive favour of any tips in a way a non american might be able to understand in actually scoring once you have the penelty before i kill my g.friend for not being able to follow the most simple task and not having any friggin normal use of her thumbs seriously and we are ment to be the cavemen :mad: