View Full Version : Golden Pistols on first level.

04-23-2008, 03:51 PM
1.)Just before your first 'face off' kinda thing you will enter a building. (This is also just after the second check point when you get ambushed)

As you enter there is a damaged door which you can destroy and follow a path along to a secret theater. In this theatre contains a golden pistol on some seats to the left (as you enter) and a shot gun right at the bottom left. Also the theatre is showing trailers of two other games some shitty vin diesel one and blackshit: area 51.

2.) Just after you unlock the ability to use precision aim, and kill everyone in that area, you enter a kind of kitchen area. Just after you go in look on the wall directly opposite where you enter and there is a destructable door, just like the one i mentioned early to get into the theatre. In this room there is dual golden pistol which are reallllllll useful on hardboiled.

They're handy as it kills all enemies in 1 bullet but its even more helpful for the first boss as, although it takes more than 1 bullet, it takes a hell of alot shorter than using the usually pistol.