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05-16-2008, 12:15 AM
And have no clue what to get.

I have a my coke rewards rent one get one free game pass. But the only problem is i am unsure what to get. I plan on getting - Army of two - as one, is that wise?

Anywho please give me some suggestions.

05-16-2008, 12:37 AM
Coke rewards?

05-16-2008, 12:41 AM
Well I would love to tell you what to rent but I think that all depends on what genre of games you like to play. Also, it depends on if you are looking for easy achievements. Army of Two is not so easy on the achievement side but if you have someone to play co-op with it is fairly enjoyable. Have fun.

05-16-2008, 12:52 AM
Army of Two is a great game IMO. If you like shooters and co-op you will enjoy :D I didn't see The Orange Box on your GT so try that out ;) it's fun :)

05-16-2008, 12:58 AM
Keep in mind he's renting these, which means he'll only have them for about 5 days. Not exactly the amount of time necessary to get the full experience of The Orange Box. If you're thinking about that game, go ahead and buy it. It's dirt cheap, especially since it's 5 games in one.

As far as rentals go, Blockbuster doesn't have have such a good selection (I'm assuming that's what you're talking about), so you won't likely have many choices.
From what I've heard, Army of Two is a pretty good game.

05-16-2008, 12:58 AM
Army of two is a great decision and try a newer game out, RSV2 or COD4 and enjoy the MP or a game with easy achievement points, it's really up to personal preference.

And Otis, Orange Box, Dirt Cheap? Where? Cheapest i've seen it new is target once for $40

arCtiK AsSaSsIn
05-16-2008, 01:43 AM
I think what he meant is that you get 5 games in a box which $40 for The Orange Box which is $8 a game which is dirt cheap :p

x McGrim x
05-16-2008, 06:31 PM
Get Tomb Raider: Legend or Fight Night Round 3. You can get all of the achievements in a week and I really enjoyed playing through both games.

05-16-2008, 07:46 PM
Coke rewards rules, I have already rented a few games from it and gotten a 75 dollar blockbuster gift card, in addition about 20 free movie tickets. I would suggest renting a game like avatar simply for the achievements because renting two games at a time you will not have time to play them both. So far I have done King kong and avatar and am now working on TMNT. But your better off spending the 80 points and getting the free game rental coupon