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05-25-2008, 10:03 PM
Wits & Wagers Achievement Guide

Go For Broke (5 points)
Bet all chips on one answer.

This is a very easy achievement. When you answer a question put all chips on the same answer. You do not have to get the right answer to get this achievement.

Small Favors (20 points)
A correct bet on the lower than all bet.

This achievement means bet on the LOW answer.


Put at least one chip on LOW every time you bet. That way if it is lower than all the rest you get the right answer.

Play with friends. Have everyone put the highest bet, now you pick the LOW.


Just play naturally. If you think the answer is lower than the others, vote LOW.

Best Bet (25 points)
Three correct bets in a single game.

Three correct bets means pick the correct answer at least 3 times in one game of 7 rounds.


Play with friends. Have them all pick the highest possible, now you pick the lowest. Do this 3 times.


Just play naturally. Once you know the questions you will have this in no time at all.

House Party (5 points)
Play with three friends on one Xbox 360 console.

You need at least 4 controllers to get this achievement. Either have your friends over to your house for fun or just put on other controllers. The joystick, Scene It? Pads, and Guitars all count as controllers in this game. You must finish the game to get the achievement.

Block Party (20 points)
Play with five people in one game.

Only done on Xbox LIVE. Join into a game and have five people join in. If time runs out pick a different head and the clock will restart.

Connected (20 points)
Play with ten different people online.

Play with a total of ten different people over your course of playing. Most likely you will have a different person each time you play. If you do not then quit out and join a different game.

Friendly (25 points)
Play fifty games online.


Join a game and let the Xbox run. It will auto run through games at about 5-7 games an hour. Just let it run and the achievement will be yours in some hours.


Just play online a lot. Fifty games isn’t that much if you really enjoy the game.

My Favorite (5 points)
Receive a MVP award.

At the end of an online game people will vote for the best player. Try to join with friends so they will vote for you.

Congeniality Award (20 points)
Receive ten MVP awards.

See ‘My Favorite’

Body Movin' (10 points)
Dance on every round.

To get this move the RS around to make your character move. Dance in the start-up, and all 7 rounds. This achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

Wits Fan (30 points)
Play fifty games.

See ‘Friendly’ for an easy example. Just play with friends or by yourself a lot to get fifty games.

Super Wit (15 points)
Answer all seven hundred questions of Wits & Wagers!

This is a hard achievement. According to Xbox.com Forums it will take on average 460-800 games to see all the questions. Having your Xbox run this game will net you games and questions answered. murderous appie has made a thread with the questions here (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71589).