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06-04-2008, 08:46 PM
Prototype Pilot(5)
Complete Level 2 on any Difficulty

Combat Pilot(10)
Finish Solo game on Normal

Flight Commander(20)
Finish Solo game on Hard

Squadron Leader(10)
Finish Co-op game on Normal

Ace Wingman(20)
Finish Co-op game on Hard

Earth Defender(10)
Earn 5 Stars on any Level, on any Difficulty

Alien Eradicator(10)
Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Normal

Hero of Vanguardia-7(35)
Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Hard

Communications Officer(10)
Complete Level 5 in an Xbox LIVE Co-op match

Scourge of the Skurgians(20)
Achieve 10,000,000 points

Complete 5 Levels without losing a life

Finish game without losing a life

06-04-2008, 09:48 PM
Not to be bustin your ballz, but we already know this.