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Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:23 AM
To qualify for this list the achievement must:

Be attainable within 10 minutes of turning the system on.
Be attained on your first play ever.
Cannot be viral. Exception is once its easily attainable. (ie Everyone has it)
Cannot rely on luck. Such as something that you may or may not get depending on the situation.
It can rely on skill but cannot be overly difficult.
0http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg achievements arent allowed.
It is not qualified if it can be boosted.

Only the Achievement with its worth will be displayed to cut down on character count. You can click on the Game Title to be taken to its achievement list.
Feel free to post your additions. Dont just post the game though. Post the Game with the achievement names or I will not add it. Thanks in advance for the help.

All games are for Xbox 360 unless noted. I will list if it is for GFWL(PC) or XBLA.

Achievements marked with a * must be obtained online which requires a XBOX Live Gold subscription.

Achievements can be voted off. If you feel an achievement does not belong for a good reason post what achievement name and why and ill put a (#) on it after the achievement name. Once it reaches (3) the achievement will be moved to the banned section. Please look at this section before posting achievements so they are not added again. Thx again.

Assassin's Creed (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/assassins-creed/achievements/) -- MopFlop

Welcome to the Animus 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Avatar: The Burning Earth (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/avatar-the-burning-earth/achievements/)

The Flow of Combat I 150 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
The Flow of Combat II 150 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
The Flow of Combat III 200 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
The Art of Combat 200 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
One with Combat 300 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Beautiful Katamari (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/beautiful-katamari/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

*Online Roller 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/bladestorm-the-hundred-years-war/achievements/) -- Mtld

Book of Swords 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Book of Horses 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Book of Bows 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Burnout Paradise (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/burnout-paradise/achievements/)

Lookin' Good 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Parallel Park 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Daredevil 25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Online Racer 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Burnout Revenge (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/burnout-revenge/achievements/)

*Start Something Ugly! 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Server Surfer! 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Your Opinion Counts! 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Check It Out! 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/cabelas-big-game-hunter-2008/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Long Shot 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Super Long Shot 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Eagle Eye Shot 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Call of Duty 2 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/call-of-duty-2/achievements/) -- Nightdragon

Completed Training 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Call of Duty 3 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/call-of-duty-3/achievements/) -- onemorechanc

Basic Training 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare/achievements/)

Earn a Winged Dagger 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
New Squadron Record 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (2)

College Hoops 2K7 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/college-hoops-2k7/achievements/) -- Mtld

My Availability 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Condemned (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/condemned/achievements/) -- Bleedingstar -- Korix

Chapter 1 Bronze Bird Award - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Chapter 1 Silver Bird Award 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Bronze Detective Badge - 50http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Bronze Melee Master Award - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Chapter 1 Completion Award - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Ripple TV Xbox 360 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Crackdown (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/crackdown/achievements/)

Take Me To Your Supply Point 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Dead or Alive 4 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/dead-or-alive-4/achievements/)

Completed Story Mode 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Dead Rising (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/dead-rising/achievements/) -- Bleedingstar - These can probably not be done within 10 minutes of first starting the game but its rather close so Im including them.

Freefall - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Photojournalist - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
The Artiste - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

DiRT™ (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/dirt/achievements/)

First Victory 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

FIFA 08 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/fifa-08/achievements/) -- aussiegamer

Tournament Creation 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Genesis 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Forza Motorsport 2 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/forza-motorsport-2/achievements/) -- shilbo-assassin

Flawless Lap 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Flawless Race 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Fuzion Frenzy 2 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/fuzion-frenzy-2/achievements/) -- [Waggly Bean]

Fuzion Frenzy Rookie 25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Gears of War (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/gears-of-war/achievements/) -- X360 Bleedingstar -- PC onemorechanc

Prison Breakout - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Zen and the Art Part 2 - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Zen and the Art of Reloading - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Completed Act 1 on Casual - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Always Remember Your First - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Geometry Wars Evolved (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/geometry-wars-evolved/achievements/) (XBLA) -- blackflame0729

Pacifism 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

06-05-2008, 02:26 AM
This list is going to be very long if you add every achievement. Just off the top of my head Viva Pinata,The Simpsons Game,GRAW 2 and Avatar you will need to add.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:27 AM
Ghost Recon: AW (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/ghost-recon-aw/achievements/)

Complete the training mission 25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Grand Theft Auto IV (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/grand-theft-auto-iv/achievements/) -- xKNIGHT617x -- CoachCO62

Off The Boat 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Teamplayer 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Join The Midnight Club 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Finish Him 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Walk Free 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
One Man Army 40 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Wheelie Rider 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Rolled Over 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Guitar Hero III (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/guitar-hero-iii/achievements/) -- Th3 Apache Dog -- ThirdYe

Blowin' It 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Almost Got It 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
A Couple of Streakers 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Two Timer 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Two by Four 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Bronze Streaker 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Silver Streaker 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Halo 3 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/halo-3/achievements/) -- xKNIGHT617x

Landfall 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (1)

*Triple Kill 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (1)

*Overkill 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (1)

*Lee R Wilson Memorial 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Two for One 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Too Close to the Sun 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Steppin' Razor 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Maybe Next Time Buddy 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Mongoose Mowdown 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Fear the Pink Mist 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Killing Frenzy 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Up Close and Personal 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*MVP 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Headshot Honcho 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
We’re in for some Chop 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Used Car Salesman 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Hexic HD (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/hexic-hd/achievements/) (XBLA)-- blackflame0729

Cluster Buster 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Hot Wheels: Beat That (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/hot-wheels-beat-that/achievements/)

Touchdown! 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Supercharged! 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
More Score! 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Gold Rush! 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Iron Man (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/iron-man/achievements/)

Disarmed 25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

John Woo Presents Stranglehold (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/john-woo-presents-stranglehold/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Meet John Woo 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/kane-and-lynch-dead-men/achievements/) PC AND X360

Fragile Alliance 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Impact 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/kingdom-under-fire-circle-of-doom/achievements/)

A Friendly Game 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

LEGO Indiana Jones (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/lego-indiana-jones/achievements/)

Hey! You call him Dr. Jones! 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Lego Star Wars II (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/lego-star-wars-ii/achievements/) -- Kamaro

Secret Plans level complete 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/lego-star-wars-the-complete-saga/achievements/) -- Stffu Uppercutt

Lightsaber master 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Slam Dunk 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Bar Room Brawl 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Online Player 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Madden NFL 06 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/madden-nfl-06/achievements/) -- ThirdYe -- xKNIGHT617x -- CoachCO62

Activate RS Card 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Enter History Book 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Score a Touchdown 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Get a First Down 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Complete an Offline Game 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Four Sacks in One Game 100 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Medal of Honor Airborne™ (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/medal-of-honor-airbourne/achievements/) -- MopFlop

Go Go Go! 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Jump Training 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Greased Landing 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Flared Landing 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

NBA Live 06 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/nba-live-06/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

NBA LIVE 06 Created Player 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

NFL Tour (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/nfl-tour/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Homecourt 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

NHL 2K6 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/nhl-2k6/achievements/) -- MopFlop

Score in Under 1:00 (All-Star) 350 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:28 AM
PGR 3 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/pgr-3/achievements/) -- Bleeding Star (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=25168) -- ThirdYe

Track Builder - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Photographer - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Rank 10 - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Arcade Player - 15http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Cone Capture Champion - 15http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/pro-evolution-soccer-2008/achievements/) -- Yann.

*Hat-trick Hunter (Xbox LIVE) 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
FK Goal 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Long Ranger 30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
First Glory 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Hat-trick Hunter 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Race Driver: GRID (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/race-driver-grid/achievements/) -- Nightdragon

First Win! 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/rainbow-six-vegas-2/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Novice Hunter 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
The Ace Always Wins 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Saints Row (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/saints-row/achievements/) -- onemorechanc

Canonized 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Reclamationist 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Sega Rally Revo (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/sega-rally-revo/achievements/) -- jimbonoel

Secret 2 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Secret 5 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Skate (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/skate/achievements/) -- blackflame0729

*Exhibitionist 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Try Online 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Voyeur 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Skate's Top Model 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Host with the Most 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Footy=Footage 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Rocket Man 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Spider-Man 3 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/spider-man-3/achievements/)

Collateral Damage 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Stuntman: Ignition (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/stuntman-ignition/achievements/) -- Bleeding Star

Flammable 5http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Wings 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Aftershocker 30http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Threader 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Turtle 5http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

The Simpsons (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/the-simpsons/achievements/)

Press START to Play 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

TMNT (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/tmnt/achievements/) -- CoachCO62

Mystical Jungle 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Tony Hawks: American Wasteland (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/american-wasteland/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Minneapolis Record 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Hollywood Record 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
The “New You” 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Transformers: The Game (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/transformers-the-game/achievements/) -- Parkerktm

Transform and Roll Out 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Viva Piñata (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/viva-pinata/achievements/)

Label Designer 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Piñata Name Caller 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Helper Name Caller 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (1)

Viva Piñata: Party Animals (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/viva-pinata-party-animals/achievements/) -- ThirdYe

Quick Like a Bunnycomb 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Scenic Route 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Coulda Been a Contender 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Flutterscotch Quickness 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
*Making Friends 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Classic Gamer Reward10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Pacifist 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Worms (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/worms/achievements/) -- XBLA -- onemorechanc

Training 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/wwe-smackdown-vs-raw-2008/achievements/) -- CoachCO62

On The Job 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Stop yapping and fight20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
I'd like to thank the academy 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Rope a dope 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
That's one for the record books 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
What the... 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Possession is 9/10 of the law 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Send'em back to Louisville 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
This is coming out of your check 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Now offering non-stop flights 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Submission-sensei 50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Better luck next year 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Put'em in a body bag 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
You've got guts 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Yaris (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../game/yaris/achievements/) -- XBLA -- onemorechanc

*Plays Well with Others 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
Lead Foot Jr. 10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:29 AM
Saved for future space.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:30 AM
Saved for future space.

Sky dive to safety achievement wouldnt count cuz you have to go thru the game to get to it. Im talking about achievements you can get within the first 10 minutes of your first play.

Th3 Apache Dog
06-05-2008, 02:31 AM
In GH3 this is OBVIOUSLY the easiest achievement
Now That's Impressive
Score 750,000 on a song
In GH3 I mean this one:
Blowin' It
Fail any song 10 times:p

06-05-2008, 02:36 AM
You probably wont need 4 posts for this list, and any mod will tell you that the list need to be near completion before you start reserving posts.

As for additions:

Avatar - The Legend of Aang: The Burning Earth

All 1000 achieveable in about 3 minutes.

Call of Duty 2:

Completed Training50 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgCompleted Basic Training.

First Win!10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgWin your first race(You get forced into a race when you start career, which is only a couple of laps)

Im not gunna go through the whole list though, cos there will be ALOT

06-05-2008, 02:38 AM
this list is going to be a couple pages long. i have a lot of ideas but i will list a few.
Halo 3
Triple Kill-5g
Two for One-5
Steppin Razor-5g
Maybe Next Time Buddy-5g (can be done in social)
Mongoose Mowdown-5g
Fear the Pink Mist-5g
Killing Fenzy-5g
Lee R. Wilson Memorial-5g
Up Close and Personal-5g
Note: These require skill, but can be done in ten minutes.
Grand Theft Auto IV
Off the Boat-5g
Edit: If you need any help on this thread hit me up and I will help you set it up.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 02:51 AM
Ill take any help i can get. The list will be long and i think this thread will only be a rough draft of it til its got some good content. As far as the Sky dive to safety achievement goes. You have to go through the entire game to get to that point. I want this list to be for achievements that can be obtained quickly as if its your first time playing and you are only borrowing the game to get the achievement really quick. Mainly for those of us working at game stores or rent games alot. Or can borrow them from friends. Its a classic achievement whore thread. LOL.

06-05-2008, 02:55 AM
Most of the THAW achievements could go here, all the online ones and the first few story ones.

06-05-2008, 03:00 AM
If you do go ahead with this, PLEASE put the games in alphabetical order or it will look horrible.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 03:07 AM
Yep all cleaned up. Im still adding but feel free to add anymore. Ill be back.

06-05-2008, 03:58 AM
I agree with putting them in order, but if you continue with this thread understand it will be very long and you'll have to edit it frequently.

By the way, you missed one of the easiest achievements ever.....

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/262/1Dc8P2Nh.jpgTransform and Roll Out10 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgYou've transformed for the first time

You do it at the very begging of the game and it takes literally 1 second.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 04:20 AM
Yea i understand it will be long. Probably excessively. Ill have to tighten the guidelines maybe. Might cut out live achievements then. Theres just so many of those it would take up 60% of the list.

J eVeRy DaY 514
06-05-2008, 07:18 AM
all i have to say is... good luck with the list. there are so many games where you can rack up quick, easy points.

In jumper, you can easily get 4 achievements (200 points) in 10 minutes.
..not to mention any sports game where achievements pop up during gameplay and/or creating a player/team/etc

not much of a help, but a start =)

06-05-2008, 07:25 AM
Guitar Hero III:
Two Timer - 10g
A Couple of Streakers - 5g
Leaders of the Pack - 10g
Tail Between Your Legs - 0g
Tone Deaf - 5g
Whammy Mania - 15g
First Big Score - 5g
Perfectionist - 10g
Two by Four - 5g
Silver Streaker - 10g
Bronze Streaker - 5g

Sonic the Hedgehog (XBLA):
Clear Green - 5g

Rainbow Six Vegas 2:
Novice Hunter - 5g
The Ace Always Wins - 5g

Project Gotham Racing 3:
Track Builder - 10g
Photographer - 10g

Viva Pinata: Party Animals:
Quick Like a Bunnycomb - 15g
Scenic Route - 20g
Coulda Been a Contender - 15g
Flutterscotch Quickness - 10g
Making Friends - 10g
Classic Gamer Reward - 10g
Pacifist - 20g

Burnout Revenge:
Start Something Ugly - 5g
Server Surfer! - 5g
Your Opinion Counts! - 10g
Check It Out! - 10g

Big Game Hunter:
Long Shot - 15g
Super Long Shot - 30g
Eagle Eye Shot - 50g

Madden NFL 06:
Activate RS Card - 10g

NBA Live 06:
NBA LIVE 06 Created Player - 20g

NFL Tour:
Homecourt - 50g

Tony Hawk's American wasteland:
Minneapolis Record - 10g
Hollywood Record - 10g
The "New You" - 50g

Meet John Woo - 5g

Beautiful Katamari:
Online Roller - 5g

Bleeding Star
06-05-2008, 08:32 AM
New Squadron Record can be quite hard to begin with, or maybe that was just me

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Au/dM/02dsb2JhbC9ECgR8GgMfWStWL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP xj5x0=.jpg
Gears of War

Prison Breakout - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Completed tutorial level on any skill level

Zen and the Art Part 2 - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art of Reloading - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Perform 25 perfect active reloads (on any difficulty)

Pretty simple, could also include

Completed Act 1 on Casual - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty

Always Remember Your First - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Finish playing a versus ranked match

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/fN/eP/0mdsb2JhbC9ECgQLGwMfWStRL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP 2g12M=.jpg
Dead Rising

Freefall - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters).

Photojournalist - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.

The Artiste - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.

Portraiture - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Photograph at least 10 survivors.


Chapter 1 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 1 Training.

Chapter 2 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 2 Training.

Chapter 3 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 3 Training.

Chapter 4 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 4 Training.

Chapter 5 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 5 Training.

Chapter 6 Training - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Chapter 6 Training.

Runner - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.

You're Coming With Me -25http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Avenge your own death!

*NOTE* Shadowrun is online game only and am unsure if anyone still plays it, Im sure you can get the training done offline though

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/ou/TB/1mdsb2JhbC9ECgR8GgMfWStSL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP nu5L0=.jpg

Track Builder - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Track Builder

Photographer - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Rank 10 - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Rank 10

Arcade Player - 15http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Arcade Player

Cone Capture Champion - 15http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Cone Capture Champion

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/PI/r4/0mdsb2JhbC9ECgULGwUfWStRL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP 3XiiM=.jpg

Chapter 1 Bronze Bird Award - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You found a dead bird in the Weisman Office Building

Bronze Detective Badge - 50http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You found the Bronze Detective Badge TV

And possibly...

Bronze Melee Master Award - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You completed single level of Condemned: Criminal Origins with only melee weapons

Chapter 1 Completion Award - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You finished Chapter 1: Weisman Office Building

06-05-2008, 01:51 PM
http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Au/dM/02dsb2JhbC9ECgR8GgMfWStWL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP xj5x0=.jpg
Gears of War

Prison Breakout - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Completed tutorial level on any skill level

Zen and the Art Part 2 - 20http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art of Reloading - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Perform 25 perfect active reloads (on any difficulty)

Pretty simple, could also include

Completed Act 1 on Casual - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty

Always Remember Your First - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Finish playing a versus ranked match

These can also be included for the PC version of the game since they are technically a different set of achievements.

Also for the list:

Call of Duty 3 -- Basic Training (5 G)
Kameo: Elements of Power -- And the winner is... (0 G) -- yeah, this is a 0 point achievement, but it's easy!
Geometry Wars Evolved -- Pacifism (10 G)
Hexic HD -- Cluster Buster (5 G)
Saints Row -- Canonized (10 G)
Saints Row -- Reclamationist (10 G)
Texas Hold'em -- I'm All In! (10 G)
Worms -- Training (10 G)
Yaris -- Plays Well with Others (5 G)
Yaris -- Lead Foot Jr. (10 G)

06-05-2008, 01:53 PM
FIFA 08 - Create a Tournament

06-05-2008, 03:16 PM
Here are just a few that i managed to get in the first 10mins so i kno its possible.

metal slug 3 (xbla)
Save President
Save President in the mission.
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Tron (xbla)
Enter the IO tower without shooting any Grid Bugs.
25 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Advance to the second level using default settings.
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

7 Seconds
Stay alive in the Light Cycle level for 7 seconds.
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Assassins Creed

Welcome to the Animus
You've successfully completed the Animus tutorial.
20 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Hexic HD (xbla)

Cluster Buster
25 Total Combos
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Flower Child
15 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Star Gazer
Bonus-Star Cluster
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Heavy Weapon (xbla)

Collect components to complete a Megalaser.
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Big Red Button
Go Ballistic... Use your first Nuke!
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Medal of Honor:Airbourne

Go Go Go!
Got pushed out of the plane
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Flared Landing
Touched down with a flared landing
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Greased Landing
Touched down with a greased landing
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Jump Training
Completed Jump Training
5 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif


Score in Under 1:00 (All-Star)
Score a goal in the first minute of play on All-Star difficulty or higher.
350 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif (Can cheat and pull the other teams goalie or something similar)

Catan (xbla)

Villager of Catan
You collected 25 Victory Points.
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Settler of Catan
You built a settlement in Catan.
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Totemball (xbla)

Totem Trainer
Completed the training level
10 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif

Also the shadowrun tutorial achievements take some time to do and it takes awhile to get through each one

Never Final
06-05-2008, 04:26 PM
Id like a second vote on the Shadowrun achievements before i add them. Ive never played it and cant really vote my opinion. Also anyone know of a way to cut this list down. Like any more rules to add to it for the qualifications?

Need a second vote on:
Shadow Run Achievements
Portraiture for Dead Rising. That would normally take at least 30 mins right? Ive got it but I dont think you meet that many survivors that fast.

Bleeding Star
06-05-2008, 04:32 PM
On dead rising I believe if you photograph as many people at the beginning as you can, the 3 in the office and the 2 you meet on the roof, and carlito you should get 10 easy

Never Final
06-05-2008, 04:43 PM
K ill wait for more confirmation on it though. Just seems to be right on that edge of whether i should add it or not. If you can provide proof (like a walkthrough or video ill add it) I got your others up Bleeding Star. Thanks to you and MopFlop for putting your lists in a copyable format. Thanks to everyone else thats adding content to this already huge list.

Never Final
06-05-2008, 05:11 PM

To cut down on character count should i take out the descriptions for the achievements? That way I can fit more in one post. Ill have the title of the game link to the achievement list/guide instead.

Also should I include XBLA games?

Bleeding Star
06-05-2008, 05:17 PM
Im thinking just game name, achievement and G

there are achievement guides here to find out where they are n how you get them eg

Gears of War

Prison Breakout - 10G
Zen and the Art Part 2 - 20G

etc etc

Never Final
06-05-2008, 06:24 PM
Ok its all nice and pretty now. Into 3 posts already though. The second one is completely full and the first is very close as well. I had to get rid of the links to contributors profiles to lower the character limit.

For those of you that posted XBLA games. Im not sure if any of those are free or if they were free at some point. If they were let me know and ill add them.

Im off to finish the gold challenges in portal and make me a sig for the forums here. Thanks for all the help again. Peace. Be back later.

06-05-2008, 11:26 PM
Easiest Achievent would be the tutorial in Double Agent - 50G
Simpsons- "Press Start"

06-06-2008, 01:48 PM


Also should I include XBLA games?

I don't see why they shouldn't be included. After all, we have to pay for retail games just like we have to buy arcade games. Even the rental of a retail game can sometimes be more than the full price of an arcade game. I would say either include all of them, or none (and make a new thread specifically for the arcade title if they aren't included).

06-06-2008, 02:55 PM
I picked up NBA Street Homecourt the other day, played one pickup game and attained 150g's... you could easily get 250g's in one pickup game if you do all the dunking achievements, long range shots achievments, and gamebreaker achievements in about ten minutes

06-06-2008, 03:31 PM
I just bought NBA Street Homecourt and you could easely put up 250g in one pickup game if you go for the gamebreakers, double dunks, and other things.

06-06-2008, 05:26 PM
In Bladestorm : The Hundred Years War, you get Book of Swords (50), Book of Horses (50) and Book of Bows (50) at the start, just by starting a campaign and saving.

In College Hoops 2k7 you just set up your availability and you get My Availability (20g)

06-07-2008, 10:51 AM
LEGO Star Wars II

Secret Plans level complete 20 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Complete the first level of the game - Secret Plans.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

(with boosting)

MP Overachiever 50 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You've won a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.

Cut Throat 30 http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
You've performed 25 finishing moves to take out your opponents.

Never Final
06-08-2008, 02:42 PM
Thanks for the additions. Ill update it a little later. Off to work now.

Bleeding Star
06-08-2008, 03:06 PM
I can confirm you can definatly get the training achievements offline in shadowrun, so they can be added when you have the time

06-08-2008, 03:25 PM
There should be more for madden 06 such as:
Enter History Book-10g
Get a First Down-20g
Score A Touchdown-30g
Grand Theft Auto IV
I think you should make an exception for:
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie-10g
This achievement is easier than Off the Boat so this should be one little exception.

06-08-2008, 04:35 PM
Dont forget most of galaga, some of aegis wing, and MANY other xbla games.

06-08-2008, 05:21 PM
you could cut down the list by sayin they need a minimum of for example 10g and also no boosting achievements, as you have to look for people to boost with and this may take more than ten minutes to sort out

06-08-2008, 05:25 PM
Fifa 08.... Win a created tournament 15g i think it is... Secret achivement but you can create a 2 team tourny then be a 5 star vs one star or less team and sim the match for some quick points :)

Z3R0 S1X
06-09-2008, 04:30 PM
You could add Madden 08 depending on whether or not you supersim a few games in less than ten minutes. You can get a few hundred easy points just by doing this but there's no telling which achievements will unlock or exactly how many points you will get.

06-09-2008, 11:22 PM
I'm going to go ahead and confirm the Condemned achievements although they are already on the list. I'll add a couple more as well:

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/53/cond-02-UIGrdg.jpgChapter 1 Silver Bird Award20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgYou found all six birds in the Weisman Office Building

This is very possible in stage 1 if you know where to look.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/53/cond-21-JHGrd.jpgRipple TV Xbox 36010 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgYou found the Ripple TV

This is a bit into the second stage and it wouldn't take a massive amount of skill to get to it quickly if you're good with the combat system.

I'm going through it again right now to finish the achievements and although the game should be played slowly and enjoyed, these are very possible if you know where the birds are. If there wasn't so much in the way of forensics in the second stage, I'd argue that there could be a couple more.

Adding tags...

Never Final
06-10-2008, 10:18 PM
Sorry I havent updated recently. Ive started a new job and its taking its toll on me. Ill update the first chance I get. Thx to all the contributors.

06-10-2008, 10:33 PM
Sega Rally - Secret 2 and Secret 5. I got these within 10 mins :) Hope it helps

06-10-2008, 11:10 PM
Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Hat-trick Hunter (Xbox LIVE) (50G)
Achieved when you score a hat-trick in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match.
**Not a hard achievement if you go online, select a 5 min game and Inter Milan, give the ball to Adriano who has the best shot in the game and take a shot, it'll go in if its well placed and you've beaten the defenders**

First Glory (10G)
Achieved with your first victory.

**Set up an exibition game with 5 mins, easy mode and score, easily done**

FK Goal (Xbox Live) (50g)
Achieved when you score from a free-kick directly in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match.
**Play a game with Italy online, run around and get fouled outside the box. Get Pirlo to take the freekick. Provided you know how to score these you should get it in.**

Hat-trick Hunter (15G)
Achieved after scoring 5 hat-tricks.

**Set up a 10 min game on easy mode and select FC Barcelona. Alternate between Lionel Messi, Ronaldinio, Henry, Eto'o and Deco as your forwards and provided you selected a crap team to compete against you should get 5 hat-tricks with these players**

Long Ranger (30G)
Achieved when you score from a distance of more than 35m.

**Set up a game and select Inter Milan. Give the ball to Adriano and take a shot from the half way line. Provided you set yourself up against a numpty team on Easy Mode the ball should go into the net**

06-10-2008, 11:51 PM
Great list. It will have to be frequently updated though and also put in some sort of order as was said above. Good start though. I see a sticky in the future...maybe

[Waggly Bean]
06-11-2008, 10:12 AM
Don't think you have:

Fuzion Frenzy 2
Fuzion Frenzy Rookie25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg
win any 3 mini-games in any mode.

06-11-2008, 07:22 PM
i got 2 achievements playion forza 2 for 10 or so mins.
in career mode you can get enough points in the first race to get to level 1

i got the other 5G for one of these...both of which could be managed in 10 minshttp://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/235/0jc8P2Ni.jpgFlawless Lap5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpgAwarded to the driver(s) who finish a lap with no time penalty against an opponent.http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/235/0Tc8P2Nh.jpgFlawless Race5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpgAwarded to the driver(s) who finish the race with no time penalty against an opponent.

06-12-2008, 08:22 PM
Idk it looks kinda small I think theres more.

Never Final
06-13-2008, 10:45 AM
Finally got some time off. Ill update the list once I wake up. Time for sleepx. Peace.

06-13-2008, 11:51 AM
There is no sleep.

06-13-2008, 04:39 PM
Wow, is this list for gamerscore whores with huge disposable income? haha. :p £40 for 10 points!

Never Final
06-13-2008, 05:46 PM
K all is updated. Looks like a good start. Im probably going to run out of room if we keep going like this. Thx again to all the contributors.

06-13-2008, 09:30 PM
Woo-Hoo! I made it!

I'm going to keep contributing. I love this idea.

06-13-2008, 09:34 PM
in the darkness, you can get roadkill easily within the first ten minutes

06-13-2008, 09:38 PM
It can rely on skill but cannot be overly difficult.

New Squadron Record 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg. ??? This took me like 20 minutes, and I'd like to think I have some skill.

Helper Name Caller 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg You don't even get to the level where you can purchase a helper within the first ten minutes, especially not if it's your first time through.

Other than that, it looks to be a solid list. Halo 3 could do with a good bit of weeding out, since it seems like you're being a bit generous about basically every rule. You'd have to have a good bit of skill and luck (see: rule 4) to get any of those on the first try, let alone in 10 minutes.

Needs a bit of polishing, but it's starting off better than I thought it would. Keep up the good work. I'll try to find stuff that fits the categories.

Never Final
06-14-2008, 12:34 PM
Ok so since im trying to involve the community as much as possible on this this is what we are going to do. We are going to do a running vote to weed out achievements. Ill add anything as long as it seems viable and is within the rules. However if anyone finds that the achievement doesnt fit or may be to hard to get within 10 mins then ill put 1 next to the achievement. Each person that votes that same achievement be taken out ill add 1. So for example:

Otisbum finds New Squadron Record 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg to be a little stretching the 10 mins. So ill change it to New Squadron Record 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (1). Another person votes against it it will become New Squadron Record 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg (2). Once it reaches (3) ill remove it. I should probable put it in a section deemed banned so people in the future dont try to add it again. So ill go ahead and add the (1) to a couple achievements.

Anyone with anymore achievements just post them. Also any ideas to help out this thread are extremely welcome. Its coming along good so thanks for all the help. Im hoping i can get the A+ Thread award for this. Peace.

Otisbum what Halo 3 achievements you wanting to vote off?

06-14-2008, 12:47 PM
Frontlines: Fuel Of War
Noob - 0g

Geometry Wars Evolved (XBLA)
Pacifism - 10g

Hexic HD (XBLA)
Cluster Buster - 5g

Try Online - 5g
Voyeur - 5g
Exhibitionist - 5g
Skate's Top Model - 5g
Footy=Footage - 5g
Rocket Man - 5g
Host With The Most - 5g

-*The skate acheviments can all be done in 10 minutes if you know what to do by looking at the 360a guide

These are all really easy acheviments that take less then 10 minutes

Never Final
06-14-2008, 12:50 PM
Frontlines: Fuel Of War
Noob - 0g

0g achievements arent allowed. The others look good though. Thx.


Anyone think I should denote whether an achievement requires Xbox live?

Like put a (L) after the achievement.

06-14-2008, 02:36 PM
That would make sense. Those without gold would probably be better off knowing if it requires it.

I also agree that the New Squadron Record should be removed based on difficulty level. Sure, it's possible, but not for most.

06-14-2008, 05:12 PM
I dunno, I'd probably remove Landfill and Triple/Overkill for starters.

Most of them either require luck or skill, and I think the requirements for making it to this list are a bit restrictive. A first-time player of any game will struggle with the majority of these, if not in trying to complete them, then trying to complete them in under 10 minutes.

The online ones are hit-or-miss though. You'd be lucky to get some of them, and skilled to get any of them quickly on a first-time basis.
Confusing, I know. Just on the fence about Halo 3 on here. Sorry. :p

06-14-2008, 05:18 PM
There are a couple of them in Tony Hawk's Project 8. There are also some in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

Never Final
06-14-2008, 07:53 PM
antnie. If ya want credit you gotta post the individual achievement names. I havent played either of those games so I dont know which takes under 10 mins.

Never Final
06-16-2008, 06:51 PM
This needs a bump.

06-16-2008, 07:47 PM
You put let sleeping rockstars lie in the list, when you said no virals in the rules.

06-16-2008, 08:19 PM
Madden 06
Complete a game
Four sacks in one game

TMNT-Mystical Jungle (training board is just under 10 minutes)

Smackdown vs raw 2008-
On the Job
Stop yapping and fight
Id like to thank the academy
Rope a Dope
That’s one for the record books
What the…
Possession is 9/10 of the law
Send’ em back to Louisville
This is coming out of your check
Now offering non stop flights
Sumission Sensei
Better luck next year
Put em in a body bag
You’ve got guts
A fighting champion

Madden 08 (adjust sliders)
4 sacks
Recover 2 fumbles
7 sacks with one player
Complete an 80 yard run
Complete a 90 yard pass
100 percent pass completion
20 yards receiving average
80 percent pass completion
50 yard field goal
No dropped passes
Force 3 fumbles
60 yard pass
40 yard field goal
100 rushing yards with one player
Intercept 2 passes
Intercept 3 passes
60 yard run
(actual almost all are achievable within 10 minutes depending how good you are, except the min 5 minute quarter ones)

All pro football 2k8
Create a player
Create a team
Edit a team
Play a season game
Its fun to play together
Gift of grab
Stride gum…long lasting drive
Return an INT for touchdown
The first one is the hardest
2 Points
Sack master
Game record for defensive sacks
Shut’em Down
Return a fumble for a touchdown

MLB 2k7 (use by simming on a short season for some)
Cy young winner
Mvp winner
World series winner
Double steal
Trivia time
Strikeout the side
Join Up

Madden 07
Create a player
All madden shut-out

There are plenty more I am just too lazy to go any further
NCAA 07 Football
NCAA 08 Football
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Smackdiwn vs raw 2007
Top spin 2

06-17-2008, 12:29 AM
Great post might work thru these from blockbuster and friends

06-17-2008, 07:46 PM
Finish Him
Walk Free
One Man Army
Wheelie Rider
Rolled Over
Join the midnight club

Bleeding Star
06-19-2008, 11:39 AM
http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/pG/kQ/0mdsb2JhbC9ECgUMGgEfWSlXL2ljb24vMC84MDAwAAAAAAAAAP 0-abs=.jpg

Flammable -5http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Ignite your vehicle for the first time

Wings - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Earn 300 or more airborne points in one movie scene

Aftershocker - 30http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Earn a 1 star ranking in all Aftershock scenes

Threader - 10http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
String an entire movie scene

Turtle - 5http://live.xbox.com/xweb/lib/images/G_Icon_External.gif
Flip your car on its back for the first time

Never Final
06-20-2008, 05:42 AM
Ok taking a vote on adding sports games. They just seem like "duh" to add. Everyone knows that generally sports games have easy quick achievements. Ill see what everyone says before adding them all. Also most of them tend to rely on plays made by the opponent. This is deemed luck so it should not be considered for this list.

Also Uppercutt most of those achievements cannot be obtained on the first play. They require you to unlock characters and such that cannot be done without a majority of the story being done.

06-27-2008, 10:57 PM
i think that new squadron record relys n skill. It is to hard to get in 10 minutes i took mee like 20 minutes

06-29-2008, 10:22 AM
Good job. But the list will be very long.

06-29-2008, 09:57 PM
Walk free takes way more then 10 minutes.

06-29-2008, 10:13 PM
Walk free takes way more then 10 minutes.

Drive to the airport, spawn a comet and outruns the cops, once your outside the circle you get the achievement, you can actual get it by entering one side of the runaway and racing until you hit the otherside, you should be just outside the circle wait about 10 seconds the 4 star disappears, the achievement will pop up and youll get your 4 star level right back.

Ryot Control
07-10-2008, 07:56 PM
bumping since this fell to page 6 and it can be potentially useful information.

07-11-2008, 03:10 AM
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit:
The Story Begins - 5G
Clear the first chapter of the Saiyan Saga

Bloodless Victory! - 20G
Win a battle without taking any damage. (Z Chronicles/Versus only)

A Beginner Awakens! - 5G
Clear Basic tutorials.

Intermediate Fire! - 5G
Clear Intermediate tutorials.

Advanced Victory! - 15G
Clear Advanced tutorials.

You can do the story begins on easy so anyone can do that. The second one can be done on versus mode if you just put the computer on easy and it's health on the lowest setting and your attack on the highest setting.
And the tutorials are no brainers.

xI C0uch P0tat0
07-11-2008, 06:42 AM

Create Player
Use the create player feature. 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

2K Beats Playlist
Create a 2K Beats Playlist. 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

07-12-2008, 12:12 AM
I dont think Completed Act 1 On Casual in Gears of War should be on the list, as I don't think it can be done in 10 mins. It ends when you kill the Berserker, and thats definatly at least half an hour of gameplay, even at casual.

07-14-2008, 06:26 PM
New Squadron Record - Call of Duty 4

^^ I think that's very, very skill based and shouldn't be on here.

and for Viva Pinata I don't think you can even get a helper in the first 10 minutes, can you?

07-14-2008, 06:32 PM
these are attainable in less than 10 mins with ease

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/45/amp3-11-Gdgdrg.jpgSledding Merit Badge30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgEarn 1,000,000+ points in sledding scores.http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/45/amp3-12-Gesdgd.jpgSnowmobiler Merit Badge30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgTravel 10+ kilometers on a snowmobile.http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/45/amp3-13-Grdhgrd.jpgPark Designer Merit Badge30 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgBuild 200+ terrain park objects.

07-14-2008, 07:04 PM

-Get your first coin 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg

You just have to quit after you finished the first level then jump back into it and before too long you'll run across the first coin.