View Full Version : Easy way to level up *spoiler alert*

Sgt Hobo
08-11-2006, 03:14 PM
I found the easiest way to level up. First once you finish the main case it should be around 10/11 pm. IMMEDIATELY return to the safe room and make sure you have a good weapon and food (I had 2 milks and a shotgun). Then save and wait until midnight. At midnight you will get a cutscene of spec forces entering to kill everyone. After the cutscene proceed out of the safe room and to the left where nthe door to the warehouse is. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Once there get the attention of the 2 spec forces that should be up there and kill them, then take there machineguns:) . After you have the machineguns you can fire down on the spec forces below you and they don't shoot back, once you kill all 8 of them go to the elevator(the zombies inside are no match for the machine gun and after the first full load there are only7 1-6 of them). Then go back up and proceed back to the door to the warehouse, once inside repeat the same strategy(sometimes there are spec forces up where you are 1-3 and sometimes there aren't, you can wait a little bit and they will jump down below. I found the spec forces mostly run into the corner closest to the ladder to the tops of the shelves.WARNING falling below could be fatal, I barely survived against 4 of them. Doing this will also help you get the Soldier (kill 10 spec forces) and Bullet Point( Fire 1000 bullets) achievements. Edit: I forgot to say spec forces are 5k pp each and there are usually 6-8 of them so it's an easy 30k-40k pp each run.

Secret Elephant
08-11-2006, 05:22 PM
I'm not sure if you meant to say this, but if you go back from where you came on the roof and then back into the warehouse, the spec ops guys respawn.