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08-12-2006, 05:56 PM
Am I the only one that really struggles with the training on this game??

I'm having a real hard time getting to level 3 on the training. After season 1, 43 career points, I only have 1 training area to level 3, the rest level 2, and I struggled with a lot of those.. I know you still get a single star for attempting the training, but how far do I need to get to have a fair chance at beating the best male players?? I played the last major in season 1 and all the minors and beat nearly everybody in straight sets (and most straight games) but obviously I have yet to witness the real players in the game..

Any ideas?

As a side note, one particular training, I think its the level 3 serving, has a large blue bar near the net, and 6 smaller blue squares above each bar. I can hit the outer most and inner most small squares far out, but nothing else, and I can get no where near the large blue bar against the net.. How do I hit these? Especially this net bar, I don't see how its possible to serve that close to the net, even if I pull down and hit with no power, it goes further past it??

Northern Monkee
08-14-2006, 10:13 AM
Its farily easy , im finished level 5 serving but this task can be the hardest one i think apart from the very last one , anyways heres how you do it and the next few levels too .

x1 x2

abc def
ghi jkl
mno pqr
stu vwx

x3 x4

First thing is don't move your player when hes about to serve , stick with where you start from . Then take a look at my diagram , basically if your in position x3 to serve your going to be aiming for D,E,F , J , K and LF . If your in position X1 youll be aiming at V,W,X, P , Q and R .

Obviosuly your always serving opposite diagnal corners to you so now to how to hit the various position ( shown by the above A-X letters ) . So if your in the following positions these are where you need to aim your left analgue stick , the power bar needs to be anywhere between 3/4 and completely full ( u dont have to be exact on this , but experiment with it )

X4 , aiming at A - Analogue stick Top Left
X4 , aiming at B - Analogue stick Top
X4 , aiming at C - Analogue stick Top Right
X4 , aiming at G - Analogue stick Bottom Left
X4 , aiming at H - Analogue stick Bottom
X4 , aiming at I - Analogue stick Bottom Right

X3 , aiming at D - Analogue stick Top Left
X3 , aiming at E - Analogue stick Top
X3 , aiming at F - Analogue stick Top Right
X3 , aiming at J - Analogue stick Bottom Left
X3 , aiming at K - Analogue stick Bottom
X3 , aiming at L - Analogue stick Bottom Right

X2 , aiming at M - Analogue stick Top Left
X2 , aiming at N - Analogue stick Top
X2 , aiming at O - Analogue stick Top Right
X2 , aiming at S - Analogue stick Bottom Left
X2 , aiming at T - Analogue stick Bottom
X2 , aiming at U - Analogue stick Bottom Right

X1 , aiming at P - Analogue stick Top Left
X1 , aiming at Q - Analogue stick Top
X1 , aiming at R - Analogue stick Top Right
X1 , aiming at V - Analogue stick Bottom Left
X1 , aiming at W - Analogue stick Bottom
X1 , aiming at X - Analogue stick Bottom Right

Aim for the furthest ones away first and then go for the all the inner ones afterwards . Hope that helps !