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06-11-2008, 03:14 AM
Any advice for the part of Tai O where you have to run around and blow up some boats? I just can't get past it on Hard Boiled - too many snipers, constantly respawning, and a single hit from them usually means death. And it's so bloody FAR 'till the next checkpoint - I've been able to sink as many as 3 of the boats, but then the sniper on the 4th gets me. :(

The Pants Party
06-11-2008, 03:54 AM
This to me was the hardest part of the game... go for the one where you have to use the zipline first since that is the hardest and you'll waste time doing the other 3 then dying on that one. Just use your manual tequila time (RB) a lot and be really slow and cautious.

06-24-2008, 03:51 PM
Eh...it might be somewhat dated (2 weeks) but I'd like to give my opinion on how I got through this (just now) :
I sorta did like Pants Party said...

First off, on your right (I believe) theres a boat that just has the steps going to it (you'll be on top floor, it has 1-2 snipers there). Go to that boat because it's an easy one. After you've killed the snipers head down (check for any enemies, ALWAYS) and plant bomb (shouldn't be far)... Head back the way you came and back to the helipad. One down.

NOW head for the zip line second boat, go to the upper shack and duck. It'll allow you to shoot anyone on the boat and make you invincible to their hits (especially sniper ones). When you think you're done (no more should respawn, be sure to check the deck because I missed 2 there and they cost me my life) and you're sorta hurt, head back down and use the medkit, then use zip line, plant bomb & get out.
2 boats down.

Next I went to the one (after you zipline'd back to the big area) on your left, it has alot of snipers spawning and enemies but on the wooden stairs you can pretty much kill anything in sight (kills snipers FAST, tequila time helps). Should stop spawning too and then head cautiously into the boat killing anything that moves, be sure to check corners because one melee hit and you're a goner, back to square one. Bomb it and then go out.

Near the next boat should be a shack with weapons, I camped there as last and used the shelter (LB) while shooting anything on the boat to also make it clear. After that (I was out of bullets lol...) I got a weapon again and bombed the boat and got out as fast as I could to hit the "checkpoint".

Hope it helps sorta...that's how I got through that hell! Now finished mega restaurant, I can help anyone too with that because I found a good spot for each event :).

02-26-2009, 07:03 AM
Serious necro here, but I found an interesting glitch for this part (and others):

After dying too many times trying to get that last boat, I said to hell with it and went on to the next chapter, selecting from Chapters menu. After beating the next chapter through to the first checkpoint (I don't remember if I quit out after it or completed the whole chapter, probably quit out), the boat chapter was marked as beaten on Hard Boiled even though I had never completed it.

This happened at a few other points too, including the Damon bossfight in the Chicago History Museum.

03-08-2009, 03:37 PM
Good tips from the others above, one thing you can do on a couple of the boats is find a route to the bottom where the bomb points are, dash on plant the bomb and dash off which will then blow up the boat and take care of the bad guys saving you the effort of killing them all first. This obviously doesn't work on the zip line one.