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08-14-2006, 10:42 AM
Interactive Leagues Represent your club online throughout the season, playing the same matches as the real-life fixtures. Your results, combined with the results of all the other fans, will decide if your club rises to the top of their Interactive League or plummets into the relegation zone.
Support your club online – play as your club against fans of opponent clubs with one overall cross-platform table for each supported league. Build a community and help your favourite club towards the ultimate goal of topping the table.

Real Fixtures - They Play, You Play. Whenever your club has a real-world league fixture, you play online matches against fans of your club's opponent during a couple of days playing window leading up to the real match. Play as many matches as you can in the window leading up to the real fixture.
Online Community - The Fans Are The Club. When you join a club, you join a community - play together for a common goal. See how many other players support your club and how many are online. Visit the League Lobby Room to chat with club-mates or arrange matches with opponents.
One Table - Win Together, Lose Together. Every time you win an Interactive Leagues match, it counts as one 'vote' for your club in the fixture. When the play window for the fixture closes, the club with the most 'votes' gets the victory and the three points in the table. The effort and skill of all the supporters determines your club's fate.

Picking a club Choose one club per league to represent online – support the team closest to your heart as well as teams in leagues less well known. If you pick a less supported club, you will have more opponents to match up against and more opportunity to play.

Your Club

Each club has a leaderboard listing the top 100 players' contribution to that club. Select TOP CLUB PLAYERS from the Interactive Leagues main menu to view the players who have done the most. Can you be the best in your club?
Select CHANGE CLUBS from the Interactive Leagues main menu to switch clubs within a league. Only one change in a league is permitted during a season.

Playing a Fixture
To play a fixture, select PLAY SELECTED FIXTURE on the Interactive Leagues main menu. Otherwise, select FIXTURE LIST from the Interactive Leagues main menu and select the game you want to play.
The schedule for each league is set at the start of the season and matches the real-world fixtures. The schedule is updated only if matches are rescheduled.

This sounds like such a cool feature!! Its about time something like this happened on live :D

08-14-2006, 06:01 PM
Sounds great, but it's still no PES though :(

08-15-2006, 11:52 AM
Read about it in a Preview and it could may well end up being a great feature. Sounds good. :D