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BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:48 AM
Ok so Ive noticed that this forum has a thread about the achievements, one about how to attain them and one discussing them (as is the custom on all these here game forums), so Id first like to say that this thread is not a guide to get achievements in any way not entirely true, as I suppose better driving technique in a driving game should inevitably lead to achievements, but thats besides the point.

This thread is designed as one stop shop for all your grid related needs.

Firstly it will contain hints and tips on driving technique. What turns a mediocre racer like myself into a world beater of a racer as I'm sure many of you are? Here is where you can find out.

Secondly there will hopefully be discussion about more grid specific issues, such as team-mates, sponsors, events and the dreaded Ravenwest!

I will add my few meagre suggestions to the metaphorical pot below, however I am relying greatly on the wisdom of those players that know racing games inside out, play them all and beat them all.

So please, if you have any tips you would like to share with others about how to tackle a racing game, or any more grid related specifics, please feel free to post them and with your permission ill add them to the list. Hopefully building a hints and tips page that will not only be used by grid players but many racing game players.

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:49 AM
General racing tips:

1: Outbraking: Stay to the outside of the corner and brake hard and early. Brake earlier than you would think you need to. Once at the correct speed, turn in hard and again earlier than you would usually. This way you will carry a lot of speed through the corner ready to accelerate out.

2: Cornering: Never brake while turning! Never accelerate while turning! Brake - turn - accelerate. Cut the corner close and take the inside line past the AI.

3: Blocking: Use 'Y' to look behind. Match their movements with your own. Only try to block on straights. In corners, race your best line and forget about the AI.

4: Slowing the AI: A form of blocking that will slow the AI greatly. Wait for them to be drawing along side you. Pull out in front of them as the front of there car is reaching the back of your own. If done correctly, the AI should not only be blocked off but physically slow as a result of 'slamming on' to avoid a crash. Can be easily tested and perfected at the start of any race. From the grid, simply try it on someone behind you. Restart the race enough times until you can time it perfectly.

5: Flashbacks: Try your hardest to save one (if they are enabled due to difficulty levels) until the last lap, and even more the last corner. It is at this time that I usually find Ravenwest up close and personal and the perfect last corner can be the difference between 1st and 3rd.

6: Submitted by SolvingJunk in responce to a question of how best to get a clean start off the starting grids.

I drive manual so I have the perfect tip for that. If you look at your speedometer you will see that if you hold the trigger down fully you will pass the redline and the RPMs will quickly shoot down and then back up.

If you hold the RPMs so that they are just under redline, then as soon as you take off you will notice your RPMs drop. As soon as this happens floor it and up-shift. A manual transmission is the best for acceleration. You can short shift and be gone just as the other players are just starting to move.

I have people complain in the rooms that i'm in about me starting in 5th place and rocketing up past them at the start.

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:49 AM
Grid specific tips:

Team-mates: good and expensive or cheap and crappy?

I would say it is most definitely better to have a good team-mate that takes a higher percentage. My reasoning is that while with a bad team-mate you get to keep say 90%, he will only win you small amounts. While a better team-mate will earn you more, of which you get a lower percentage.

Let me explain myself a little better as I feel that I havent done well so far

90% of consistent winnings of 10k are 9k. This 9k is yours, each race, when your crap team-mate comes in last.

60% of consistent winnings of 30k are 18k. This 18k is yours, each race and is 9k more than you were getting.

This is based on a moderate positioning of a team-mate in the bottom leagues. As you progress, the winnings become more, your percentage becomes higher, and the gap too becomes greater. In the higher leagues you can be expecting 60% of anything 1m+.

If you add into this the fact that team wins of events net you the first prize cash award again (say 2m for the win and 2m for a team win) a better team-mate is a must to achieve higher in the game.


List of good team-mates: their cost, rank and their specialities.

Jamie Christopher - 6,850,000 and 75%. Expert. Speciality: prototype.
Alex Fletcher - 980,000 and 50%. Pro. Speciality: prestige.
Bill Foster - 4,250,000 and 75%. Global. Speciality: prototype.
David Dempsey - 5,800,000 and 50%. Global. Speciality: GT1.
David Cooper - 1,250,000 and 40%. Global. Speciality: touring cars.

More to come with the additions of user submitted team-mates.

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:51 AM

It is a good move to pick sponsors that do not require you to win. My reasoning behind this is that by doing so you allow the opportunity for not only you meeting the objectives but also your team-mate, thereby doubling your sponsor earning potential.

My current sponsor setup is as follows (I am not finished in the career, am onto the global licence, but there are plenty of the lesser events unfinished. Im on my 11th season. So its not optimal but will be updated as I find better sponsors as I go along.)

My sponsor setup:
Bridgestone Finish no lower than 3rd - 95,000 x 2
Quaife Finish no lower than 3rd - 42,000
Bose Finish no lower than 5th - 30,000
Mongoose Finish no lower than 3rd - 22,000
Pipercross Finish no lower than 3rd - 21,500
Lumenition Finish no lower than 3rd - 17,000
Dynatech Finish no lower than 3rd - 16,000
Falken Finish no lower than 4th - 15,000

Total = 353,500 per race with the added possibility of a 1-2 giving a total of 707,000 per race. (Pounds to be converted to Dollars soon for ease of use.)

Another, better, setup is given bellow. However this setup is clearly for a little later in the game than mine. Any other setups for lower/higher along the game would be welcome. In this way we will be able to provide a setup for most situations and stages throughout Grid.

Sponsor setup provided by: NISSMO
Bridgestone $190,000 x 2 Finish no lower than 3rd
Castrol $180,000 Finish no lower than 3rd
Quaife $84,000 finish no lower than 3rd
Advan $160,000 finish no lower than 2nd
Valvoline $90,000 Finish no lower than 3rd
Bose $60,000 Finish no lower than 5th
Driftbox $52,000 Finish no lower than 2nd
Auto Express $55,000 Finish no lower than 5th

Total = $1,061,000 per race with the added possibility of a 1-2 giving a total of $2,122,000 per race. (Dollars to be converted to pounds soon for ease of use.)


List of all Sponsors (as far as I am in the game), their cash reward and their objectives to be met.

Will be upgraded here very soon. Its all done and typed out, just waiting to be linked up better somehow. Please excuse the slapdash way it is done now ;)

If you click to zoom they should be readable until I get something better up.

Sponsors page 1 & 2
http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk166/bulletmagnet_uk/sponsors1.jpg (http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk166/bulletmagnet_uk/sponsors1.jpg)

Sponsors page 3

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:52 AM
This is a good tip if you are having trouble with the Touge events. Originally posted in another thread and placed here with permission.

Tip suggested by: Thorpe89
You can do this easily in any touge event of your choice from main events.

When you are in the event, try to reverse into your opponent at the start line (if you miss, just restart). When you have the opponent in a locked position against a railing, you'll notice the penalty timer for him goes up by about two seconds in increments. You can hold this up to a suitable time to ensure you finish.

The longer his penalty, the easier this is to get. You can drive off a bit and reverse angrily back as this decreases a lot of time in one go. However, if you want to be on the safe side, just take your time. Once you have a suitable time you feel comfortable with, drive to the finish.

Now, when it comes to the second round, the opponent starts off in front of you. Don't worry, though. The penalty from the previous round adds on to this. So, if he had a penalty for 1 minute on the previous round, be sure to finish within 1 minute after him.



Enter these in the bonus code section from the main menu.

TUN58396 - All drift cars
MUS59279 - All muscle cars
F93857372 - Buchbinder 320si Livery
M38572343 - Free Pagani Zonda
RP47203845 - Play.com Livery
G29782655 - Unlock a BMW 320si Gamestation Livery

Confirmation on whether these cheats disable achievements would be greatly appreciated. I can confirm the last (gamestation) does not disable them as this was the code given to me upon buying the game and I am able to get achievements.

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:53 AM
Res for future hints & tips.

BulletMagnet Uk
06-19-2008, 09:53 AM
Reserved for future hints & tips.