View Full Version : Mysterious Unison -- PLEASE HELP!

07-01-2008, 11:27 PM
Okay-- Here is my huge problem.
Second play-though.
I didn't get to go to the Mysterious Unison my first time around because I didn't know about it.
I cannot beat the monsters in the Mysterious Unison to level up [even just for Rondo!].
My main fighters are:
Retto lv. 62
Jazz lv. 61
Salsa lv. 62
I'm thinking of using Claves though. Somebody said that Claves turned into a good character after leveling her but I can't level her if I can't beat those monsters. Another thing, the only monsters I can beat are the dragon-things (the ones you fought with Waltz). I beat a single pirate battle out of pure luck and I've tried beating other monsters but I'm not strong enough.
my other characters are:
March lv. 53
Beat lv. 55
Falsetto lv. 53
Frederic lv. 54
Viola lv. 52
&& Polka lv. 52 -- what level should I be? Main characters? Others? Any hints for beating those big bad
monsters? Haha. I feel so stuck. [Put Claves in. I can't even beat the dragon-things.]

Lucent Beam
07-01-2008, 11:51 PM
Do you still have a save at the end of the game the first time through? If so, I'd definitely double-back and go into Mysterious Unison the first time through. Other than just leveling up high, not sure what else you can do.

Since you can use a Harmony Chain of six, I'd level Polka up because she has a good all-heal spell & a good infinite range light attack and her magic gets really high, then also use Falsetto once you get her best weapon in that dungeon (it doubles your echoes), and then maybe a power character like Jazz. That way, with Falsetto's fast Echo-build-up, you can use a 6 Harmony Chain every turn. Before you get Falsetto's last weapon, either use her or Salsa as your Echo builder. Also, in the end, March ends up more powerful than than Salsa because she get a really good non-affinity weapon and surprisingly her base attack ends up higher, I think.

Also, you can equip Polka with an item to keep her light all the time so you can use Pure Geyser (infinite range) and Blossom Shower (infinite range) every turn. I forget the name of the item though.