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07-13-2008, 03:56 PM
This was emailed to me by a friend so hope its of use I know it helped me with the last 4 garden sprites.

Beetle mimic Sprite:
This sprite will create a copy of which ever character you´re plying and help
you fight.
1. deep woods by oak tree small area behind bushes garded by stray sod

Leatherwing Sprites:
This Sprite has healing powers.
1. Mansion yard by front gate
2. on top of tree log bridge just after entering forest
3. by the quarry sign
4. quarry entrance by shack
5. in quarry somewhere along the way, just follow the path and you´ll run
into it
6. tunnels, in the first big cave when coming from the cellar
7. tunnel entrance using the oak tree
8. deep woods oak tree area
9. mansion yard left of garage in bushes, use fairie fruit to lure out
10.lantern in tree in quarry , after catching all other 3 garden Sprites

This one can distract enemies and lead them of a cliff for example.
1. Main forest road, just after the mansion gate
2. Pond with rock platforms leading to where you had to push down a log
3. Pond with river troll
4. quarry entry
5. lamp in tree: will appear down by water in quarry
6. mansion yard by garage
7. tunnels entrance coming from cellar
8. tunnels first big cave end of circle, coming from cellar
9. pond in deep woods by cypress tree
10.in tunnels near after entering from oak tree

Flower-Head Sprite:
This sprite creates a whirlwind which knocks enemies down.
1. Main forest road just after mansion gate
2. meadow
3. goblin camp
4. mansion yard near front gate
5. rock platform in quarry right past the shack with the button for the
6. tunnels near entry of second big cave when entering from cellar
7. deep woods just after crawling through hole, will appear after
catching the royal orchid garden sprite

Royal Orchid Sprite:
This one creates a small toadstool ring that tamporarry protects you
rom enemies.
1. Meadow, just after entering from mansion side
2. mansion yard, by front door
3. cellar
4. just after entering deep woods through hole
5. by griffin

Flower-Winged Sprite:
Their power is dash, it makes you run as fast as the wind!:)
1. Main forest road just after mansion gate
2. in the middle of the meadow
3. by pond with river troll
4. under basket in garage, will than fly around the tree where hogsqueal
sits on
5. after lowering the bridge with the wheel in quarry
6. on rock in tunnels after crossing crystal bridge
7. by oak tree leading to tunnels in deep woods

Bellflower Sprite:
This Sprite can boost the damage of your weapon.
1. in the Meadow
2. mansion yard by little pavillion
3. tunnels, turn right after entering from cellar
4. entrance to quarry
5. by log over pond in deep woods

Pondskater Sprite:
This one grants the power of temporary invulnerability.
1. coming back onto forest road after meadow, go left to dead end
by pond
2. by water in quarry
3. by pond in deep woods

Sprout Sprite:
They´ll give you a fairie fruit when catching them. You can only catch
them once though.
1. just before the first log bridge, when entering forest from mansion
2. just after crossing that same log bridge
3. meadow, right hand side, when coming from mansion
4. meadow, left hand side, when coming from mansion
5. quarry entrance
6. mansion yard by garage
7. tunnel entrance using tree
8. lantern in quarry: than down by water in quarry
9. in front of hole leading to deep woods
10.mansion yard by little pavillion

Stray Sod:
Stray Sods always appear i front of bushes that are hiding something.
Run around them in circles till they´re dizzy. That´ll lower the bushes,
and now you´re also able to catch them with your net.
1. Middle of meadow
2. Right hand side of meadow, when coming from mansion
3. meadow, right past the second one
4. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
5. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
6. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
7. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels
8. deep woods around oak tree leading to tunnels

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very helpful thanks

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Thanks for that :D

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Nice work to you and your friend.