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Elite Hero
07-15-2008, 11:37 PM
Here is a list of the 9 poisonous apples you must collect on level 15. Evil Queens Castle.

1. In a barrel at the start of the level at the top of the hill on the left hand side, just before you meet the wicked witch

2. After you become puss and cross the chains it's in the barrel in the centre of the two witches.

3. At this junction go left and there is another apple in one of the green cauldrons on the table.

4. In this left wing of the castle once you go through the green portal and are in the room with the falling ledges. You need to destroy the green cauldron on the centre ledge but don't worry it won't fall but you will get attacked by a few witches and knights.

5. Once you reach the other side of these ledges you will enter a room with floating platforms you need to ascend these and you will see your 5th apple on top of one of the book shelves ** note there is also a colouring page atop one of these cases as well.

6. After pulling the level in the left wing you will be teleported back to centre so head for the right wing now and the apple is in the small green cauldron beside the queens bed (which you need to bounce on for a quest).

7. Again you will pass through a green portal and be on an area with falling ledges and the apple is in the green cauldron on the centre ledge. Again the ledge is stable but you will be attacked.

8. Once you've passed the ledges you will be in a room with a lot of metal cages around the edges. You need to climb the stack that is directly to your right as you enter the room and the jump to the hanging cage and onto the ledge destroy the green cauldron and there's your apple.

9. Once you have pulled the lever in that room you will be in control of Shrek again as you enter the final room with the portal you need to destroy. On the ground level at the back of the room you will see a green cauldron destroy this to collect your final apple.

Hope this helps.

07-25-2008, 08:18 PM
thank you i was missing one now i found it thank you dude

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Thanks much man, this will help me finish this sucker off tonight.

08-08-2008, 09:16 PM
please note.. Even on easy getting that apple on the book shelf is not easy.. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS ;)

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nice post, very helpful

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09-17-2008, 03:22 AM
well done .. thank u mate

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Thanks a ton for the locations. Great Post!

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Nice guide. Big help. Thanks.

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Cheers :) This was one of the last things i needed :)

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Thanks for the guide man, come in very handy cheers.SWAG

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please note.. Even on easy getting that apple on the book shelf is not easy.. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS ;)


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Thanks so much for this list!

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yes that stupid ass apple on the book shelf almost made me hurt myself, worst platforming ever....thx a lot the apple guide!

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Great post.
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