View Full Version : tech win on deity

07-18-2008, 09:54 PM
ok after doing every stradegy i have read and failing i decided to write my own. i got it with japeniese on lightning scenario. you restart until you are by water with all citys. you do need plenty of land, so if someone is next to you at start then restart. use your archers to scout at first and find areas for new citys, then return them. you change production to tools and build settlers. the second they produce 1 you switch to library after library do whatever you want, millitary and attack or whatever. just make sure you change that city to tech production. put citys near water and do the same thing which each city, settlers then whatever. the way i got this was to plant as many cities as possible and changing there producition to tech. i think i had 15 citys at the end. as far as research beline for democrocy, change to it and then research whatever is quickest. i was 5 bars behind in the beging and then won by two bars. hope this helps.