View Full Version : 'The Big 180' and other animals

07-19-2008, 10:17 PM
The Big 180 has been confirmed to be complete ALL 180 puzzles in the game and not any 180 puzzles.

Break 100,000! is a SINGLE PLAYER only achievement, if you get 100,000 in a co-op game you will NOT get this achievement.

I've now got 110 solutions to puzzles but would like to trade solutions to complete the collection and finally get rid of this abomination of a game!
If you want to exchange solutions, please message me via XBL.

By the way, the game is much easier with a USB keyboard; that letter wheel is just pants!

One last thing; if you play a NORMAL GAME in co-op it doesn't always add the completed puzzle to your completed list. I've played a number of games now where it says I've not completed a puzzle, but I have! Be warned!
I do not know if this affects 'The Big 180', but I'm not taking that risk!

[EDIT] As these items have been added to the Achievement Guide, can a mod/admin please close this one down?