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L0rd Tuck3r
07-20-2008, 12:34 AM
Several people have been posting how they got their Deity wins, so I guess I'll put mine up.

Wins: Domination, Culture, Economic
Civ: America (it was just America's turn in line. I was doing them in order)
Scenario: Beta Centauri

Build Washington near the water. Switch your government to Monarchy. Switch Washington to produce Gold. Build buildings, just buildings. You start with a Modern Infantry and this will protect you from the Barbarians that will attack. Don't build settlers, don't make another city when you get a Settler for reaching 100 Gold. Just keep boosting up your Culture and Money. Eventually, the another Civ will find you. Now start building units because after they find you, everyone else will. Still do not build another city. Go take your enemies cities. Before you take the last capital save. By now your advisors should be telling you to build the UN/World Bank. Do one, reload the game, do the other, reload the game, capture last capital.

There you go, you have the Domination, Econ., and Culture Wins on Deity. And if you listened to me, and didn't build another city, you should have "Power Never Takes A Step Back."

Win: Tech.
Civ: Aztecs (just their turn in line, but they get a science boost for having Temples)
Scenario: Lightning Round

Focus on Technology. Try to keep the peace. Just build things that help with Science (Library, Temple, University if you get that far, Trading Post). If you get some Great Scientists, settle them, don't use them.

Mr Arrow
07-20-2008, 04:23 AM
Sorry, exact same stragegy has been posted before, but with much more detail.

I'm afraid you description are too vague. i.e.

... Go take your enemies cities...

This is not that simple, it requires carefull planning to get it right.

If you can add more details next time I think it will be of more use. :)

L0rd Tuck3r
07-20-2008, 04:37 PM
Your telling me that you don't understand the phrase, "Take your enemies cities"? That is just sad. How much detail do you really need?

Select your units, move them next to an enemy's city, tell them to attack the city, pray that you win, lather rinse repeat until you capture the city, move on to the next city.

Oh, and nobody else mentioned to use the Beta Centauri Scenario. De-de-de.

Mr Arrow
07-20-2008, 05:41 PM
...pray that you win..

Like I said, no strategy.

...Oh, and nobody else mentioned to use the Beta Centauri Scenario. De-de-de.

Only because you haven't read the other threads / guides!

Look, I'm not trying to start 'something', all I'm trying to get you to understand is that this game is not simple, and simple explainations on diety level will not be helpful.