View Full Version : Just got the coolest Culture, leading into Domination victory on Deity!

07-25-2008, 08:38 PM
I still needed a cultural and domination victory on Deity. I had been trying Aztecs all the time on Beta Centauri using the one city method but that just was not working. Well, I finally managed to pull off the coolest Cultural victory and then today I loaded the save and pulled an even better Domination victory.

I started off as the Romans this time, more great people which means easier victory for culture. The biggest part of my luck was the spawn, I NEVER encountered a barbarian and no civs discovered me that soon. I stacked maybe 5 infantry armies and then started building culture stuff like temple, magna carta, monarchy, cathedral, courthouse etc. After that I built stuff that increased production, population, military advances etc (again). After that, I started building every wonder on the list to increase the culture victory. After that, I made about 4 battleship fleets, tons of infantries, and a few tanks, planes, the whole list pretty much.

After a while, the Arabs found me and shortly after, the Chinese. I constantly destroyed their armies making me realize that the Aztecs all units heal skill isn't that good if your on defense. I got lucky and got a great person to convert an Arab city just north of me. After that, I raised culture and rushed military in the city for defense. Shortly after, cities just kept converting left and right until I had about 8 cities all in one small area. I repeated the culture, rush military steps for the cities and then built the United Nations for the victory.

Later I decided to upload the save and get a domination, all I did was build countless Bomber units and attack cities one after another until time ran out. Easiest Culture and Domination victory yet. Luckily after all the stress I went through trying various methods. Even though most of this came down to luck, there's still general strategies in there that can help you achieve these victories. Don't forget, when invading cities, ONLY go for Bomber fleets and then rush in with a modern infantry to take it over.

07-26-2008, 11:27 PM
thank you you may have just saved me from throwing the controller through the wall :woop: ill have to try later!
congrats on getting it!