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07-26-2008, 01:29 PM
Ok i know this probably won't get replied to within a week but its worth a shot. Does anyone know a solution to this problem:

I have completed the campaign (aced) and the bombing mini-campaign. All arcade (minus 2) and all aces (minus 2).

This means that all I have to do is finish the dogfight mini-campaign, which allows me to finish the arcade and ace battles.

However, the game will not let me past pear harbor, and every time i complete it, taking down all 20 planes (both with cheats and without), the only levels I can play are pearl harbor and the 2 before it.

Due to circumstances i am unable to play on live for a week or 2 more, which means i need to find an solution other than hoping a game update may be the fix.

Does anyone have any solutions?

Cheers in advance

07-26-2008, 02:09 PM

there you go friend

look at the response about cheats.

I believe I had to do the same thing for one of them