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07-29-2008, 05:32 PM
The notation is based on the maps here on Gamefaqs map/guides for the original game. The grid is 8x8, A-H is side to side, 1-8 is up and down. A1 is top left and H8 is bottom right.

A7 thru G7 right (meaning A7 right, B7 right, C7 right, etc.)
A7 right
D7 right
G7 right

F8 left
C8 right
F8 left
C8 right
F8 left
C8 right
F8 left
G7 right
A7 right
D8 left

Ur Ghoul
D1 right
E1 left
B2 down
G2 down
D4 right
B6 left
G6 right
D6 right

Plague Taster
F7 up
D8 left
E8 right

B8 up
G8 up
D7 right
A4 left

Storm Giant
C5 down
F5 down
D8 left
E8 right
B4 left
E4 left
H4 left
B7 left
E7 left
H7 left

Plague Priest
A6 right
H6 left
B6 right
G6 left
B5 down
G5 down
B8 right
G8 left

Plague Witch
D4 left
E4 right
A3 right
H3 left
F5 down
A7 up
C6 down
C7 down
F7 right

*note*I did not write this guide, it was made by TheFlood at gamespot forums

10-13-2009, 05:15 PM
thanks so much , i couldnt find the 1st one but this will save time