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08-01-2008, 11:36 PM
Well I Am , Im Always Picking The Wrong Things Straight at The Begginning ,, i never know which technology to start of with ,, bronze working leads me to legions and that is helpful at the begginning but then they get useless. pottery i no is a good one because it can go on to build a wall and stuff like that. alphabet is the one i tend to go for but then im left with rubbish warriors and so on . i always have people always coming after my city and know one elses and it really does my head in ,, i always have the best city in the end but i NEVER WIN on king + difficulty. whilst other cities are launching thier SS Fuel and stuff ive just learning university and so on so all im asking for is just a good tactic to start and end with so i can get more gamerscore. :)

08-02-2008, 01:46 PM
Let's see, general tips... I've had 1000GS for some time now, and I'm still playing one game every day. I play on Emperor and just hit Random at the selection screen. I'm trying to fill in all the boxes in the Hall of Legends under the leader heads with silver icons at a minimum. I play Emperor for fun and never lose, Deity is a whole different beast that requires a lot of luck. Anyway...

If you're playing on King or Emperor:

Start off with your city building 4 warriors.

-Research Library first, unless you find other civilizations settlers roaming around near your capital very early. If they're near your capital in under 15 turns or so you'll want bronze working. Either way, Alphabet+Bronzeworking first.

-Third tech, If you have found an enemy capital you can try to Legion-Rush it for a quick capital takeover but focusing on Legions is a bad way to go unless you can get your Legions made and over there quickly. The tech tree is a little effed up in this way, because you need Bronze Working to get to Iron Working, but a Fortified Archer Army will beat a Legion Army pretty much every time unless you get lucky with a hill next to the town, have the Infiltration upgrade, or both.

If you are not planning for a quick capital knockout, go pottery. Put one warrior in your capital and have it produce a Library.

-By this time you should have gotten your free settler for getting 100g. If your capital has good food production, place your second city in a spot that will get high hammer production. If your capital is in a spot for good hammer production, place the second city in a place with good food production.

-Build a library in your both cities first, then a barracks in your city with higher production and just start pumping out your best defensive unit and put at least one army of your best defensive unit at all times in all your cities.

-It is important that you take advantage of choke points on the map to reduce the amount of defending you'll have to do. Unless you get very unlucky with map placement, you should have a way to use between 2 and 4 units to cut off a chunk of map for yourself that will support at least 6 cities. The computer does not seem to have the capacity to mount large scale amphibious assaults until late in the game. This keeps you from having to chase down units all over your territory. The computer will spend literally thousands of years throwing units at your choke point defenses and as long as you stay ahead on tech your defensive units will be stronger. Do not get too greedy with your borders, you can win any victory on Emperor or less with 4 good cities. If you try and place your units too far out they'll be difficult to support and could get shoved off by culture.

-Once you've established your "borders", work in filling in your area with cities. Get Code of Laws and use Republic if you can manage it, and switch to Democracy as soon as you fill in your area.

-As soon as you can, start going up the tree that leads to Engineering, Invention, Industrialization, Communism, and Mass Production. The first-to-discover bonus for each of those techs will go a long way to making your life easier in the end.

-Even for Domination victories it has been my experience that waiting until you technologically overpower your enemies is important. If you have tanks, and they have Pikemen, attack. If you have artillary and they have Riflemen, attack. If you can manage it, have your armies supported by Cruiser or Battleship fleets for Naval Support. Throwing knights at riflemen until the city falls is a waste of time and resources.

There's really too much that can happen to lay it all out for you, but basically, if you can occupy choke points and maintain a border, you should have no problem building cities. Keep your culture high and stay on the defensive until you will dominate your enemy. If you're doing an Econ/Tech/Cultural victory never having to produce offensive units en masse leaves you a lot of room to build wonders and other buildings.