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08-02-2008, 01:04 AM
I've just started to play online, first match we went into extra time, hit the post, next thing I know I've "lost connection". Second match, I'm 2 - 0 up, the guy goes and quits. Worst community I've been apart so far and I played Runescape! Anyone else has problems like these? I think this has just continued my dislike for EA. Bring the new Pro Evo '-.-.

I'm looking to get the online achievements, anyone looking to boost? Of course I'll boost back.

08-02-2008, 01:44 AM
Unfornuatley there are a lot of quitters out there. The way i got round it was just going 1-0 up then letting them attack, but defending well so they could't equalise. That way, they think they're still in it and won't quit. Its stupid that when people quit it doesn't add to you achievements, typical of EA though. There are a few good people out there however, i remeber wining about 4-0 once, and he didn't quit. I would feel guilty to quit, it as it deprvies people of their achievements, especially if they are playing as one of the lower ranked teams, i remmeber being beat 5-0 by a 6th seeded team. I thought to myself, i wonder how many games its took him with people quitting. I always felt really nervous when i scored the second goal, as most of the time > pause > quit which is why i did the previous method.

Just keep at it and you will get the achievements eventually.

08-09-2008, 06:09 PM
I had lead dozen of times before half time but I have been betrayed all the time. I stopped playing with strangers anymore. It gives me nightmares. No achivements or nothing only 3-0 win given. I don't want the worthless win without my beloved achivement and i don't want that online cup either. EA can have them.

What is that bloody hell is 15 mins rule? If somebody quits before 15 mins of the match, the quitter does not loose at all. WTF??? Serioulsy??? What the fuck is this???? I had never screamed or abused my controller so much.

That very 15 mins is a disease. Your opposition know how good you are and thinks he can not win against ya, he will quit.

I started playing crap for 15mins and even scored an goal. What has come to the world. I felt shit as I betrayed my team mates. The look on their faces was "WTF is wrong with you dude". Do you even know how to play??

Blame the fucking EA. A decend game made my life hell. People think I am gone mental nowadays.

Cunt EA and quiters online, ya all can suck the bloody looly pops. The pink ones.