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08-07-2008, 04:52 PM
Hope someone finds this useful, I found this level to be a pain, might help if you are new to game and just want to get through level 3 and pickup 2 achievements along the way!!!

stork jumps and Total Perservance Part 3 achievements
Level 3
first 2 stork jumps to vending machine and van
shoot van, collect repair part, collect 3 cubes, throw into bucket from platform.
stork jump onto hanging platform
wall-e jump (normal) over next gap.
Go up main road where shopping carts come down.
this requires 3 more stork jumps.
that's 6 so far!
collect repair item, then 3 cubes. throw into bucket to open shutter door.

GET ACROSS THE CHASM!! in 24 or less Stork Jumps!!
Wall-e jump to first platform keycard 1
wall-e jump to swinging platform.
wall-e jump to next platform - keycard 2
stork jump up to platform on left -keycard 3 (mind the cars flying by here)
wall-e jump to platform with multiple keycards - keycards 4, 5 and 6.
wall-e jump to platform on left to collect keycard 7.
wall-e jump back to large platform (where multiple keycards were.
23 stork jumps left...
stork jump to swinging platform on right?
time a wall-e jump up to next platform, watch out section falls here!! - keycard 8.
stork jump to next swinging platform.
stork jump to platform with power pickup.beware exploding barrels (shoot them first)- keycard 9
that's 10 used so far, 20 or less left.
wall-e jump down to big platform - keycard 10, 11
timed wall-e jump onto swinging platform
again timed wall-e jump to next platform beware floor, keycard 12
stork jump upto platform for keycard 13
do a 180, beware cars.
stork jump to swinging platform.
stork jump to next platform (might as well, have lots left!).
stork jump to main platform, collect keycard 14, 15. (CAN be wall-e jump, but why not, so many storks left!)
go through shutter, pick up repair, then 3 cubes.
throw 3 in bucket and proceed through shutters.
wall-e jump at target on left side the level to release exploding barrels, repeat until next stage...
Destroy this with eve's laser.
go through gap left by robot.
cut scene...
get to the ship, do not DIE!!, just follow the logocal path!!
Ta Da Under 30 Stork jump and Total Perservance Part 3 !

Oh and a vid showing this being done also.

YouTube - Wall-e 360 Short Storks and Total Perservance Part 3

Hope it helps someone!