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08-10-2008, 07:16 PM
iv been working with people to get this achievement, one guy who i think i might get it from says that the biggest problem is the amount of people that just say they want the win, he also said its annoying that he gets so many messages,
i told him that our community should be representing themselves better, and i was sry, when you message these people you need to be respectful, and if they decline do not have a fit and send them lots of spam messages. i have a idea, we can put in this thread gamertags that are willing to help, and ones that arent, so that we can cut down on the unhappy top 50. i cant stress enough that if you send messages who dont want to help, they will likely give you negative feedback, and a complaint, thats the words iv heard from a few of them.
also you need to be carefull because some people have gltiched the game to get themselves in the top 50 then steal peoples gamertags who message them. make sure to watch who u are messaging.

please please please follow these rules. if you find someone ask them if you can post there gamertag here saying if there willling to help or not. i find offering 20+ wins is the best way to trade for this achievement, it is for alot of points so its worth giving them 20 wins for it, also if i find that anyone has agreed, gotten the achievemnet and not returned the agreement, i will submit your gamertag to x360a stating they are not holding up there end of deals when boosting achievemnets.
ThEdAnGleShOw87 is one that wont help, he told me he would then just went offline after i gave him the 5 wins he wanted in return. dont message him or this will happen to you.

08-10-2008, 11:54 PM
Very good thread, thanks man.

This achievement and the penalty shot achievement are the only ones stopping me from 1000 in NHL 08. Both are possible though, so if we find a kind enough person to throw us a win, then I think a lot of people can get their 1000.

Good idea with the list, I hope this goes well! ;)

08-14-2008, 05:48 PM
I understand both sides of it. I understand people messaging trying to get a game but in the same instance and I can understand them being annoyed. It is all in how you approach them

11-06-2008, 10:49 PM
this sounds like a good idea...i wish there were names that could do it...any updates please let me know..im willing to help, ill start messaging people soon once i get the rest of the achievements. Being respectful and polite is the best way to get your way. BTW if you haven't gotten the penalty shot achievement it can be done with two controllers. Easiest to do with a friend.