View Full Version : how to complete The Battle for Caen/ the tiger, part E

08-13-2008, 07:36 PM
come on guys and girls how do you manage to capture the E target (the enemy HQ)

if any of you can remember it...as each time i get close i am always getting shot...and its winding me up a treat now......

so anybody got any tips or anything?


ive tryed going in front ways, or around the side, but i get over the perimeter wall but get to go inside and i get shot


i cant even get close to the HQ itself..

08-13-2008, 09:57 PM
Well part of this is luck, you need to be able to get near the house without dying, then get inside and camp it out slowly taking out the guys one after another.

08-13-2008, 10:46 PM
Well part of this is luck, you need to be able to get near the house without dying, then get inside and camp it out slowly taking out the guys one after another.

thanks for that, im glad somebody has remembered how to do it as i know the game is rather old...ill have another go in the morning...as it drove me to mad, must have spent the best part of 2 hours stuck on that part....

one more question, then i get in the house...and start killing people, do they respawn until i get past a certain section or is there a set amount of guards in the house?

09-09-2008, 09:42 PM
It's been a few weeks since I beat this (and now that I've 100%'d it, I'm not touching it again), but here's what I remember.

Once the HQ is all you have left, there are two "good" ways to get up to it. There's one alley between two buildings that the Germans have covered with an MG42, or you can go around the long way, back through Building A and approach the HQ from the side with the large stone wall.

If you take the alley, just throw two smoke grenades (to be safe) and make a mad dash for the house. If you take Building A, it's a matter of whether you get killed from the dash from the stone wall to the boxes. Both these ways gave me about 75% success rate at getting to the HQ.

Either way, the way that worked best for me was hiding on the left side of the doorway on the left of the HQ (the side facing Building A). From there, you can get a side shot on enemies near the window (usually, there is one blind spot, CHECK IT before going in). Then just slowly inch into the doorway while crouching, killing any enemies that you see. Once that room is clear, I liked to dash for the left side of that room, hiding near the archway.

Now it's touch and go, because there'll be two places enemies can pop out while you wait for your teammates to come in after you. There's the dark room on the other corner of the house, and the open area to your right.

Once your useless allies finally make it in, it's a matter of clearing the bottom floor, which should be easy. A few enemies might spawn on the opposite side of the house, but now that you're inside I don't think there are any more infinite spawns.

Now comes the top floor, the tough part. If you walk upstairs, you'll find yourself in a large room with a doorway in front of you and a doorway to your right. I just sort of hugged the right wall and creeped up very slowly, shooting and backing way the second an enemy popped out.

Eventually you'll kill enough that they'll stop popping out, and then you're on your own. I used a smoke grenade and a frag on the doorway in front of me and then blindly dashed into the doorway on the right. IIRC there were a couple of guys in there I had to kill, another one from the other doorway that apparently was immune to my frag grenades, and the MG42 gunner.

A-E was the hardest part of the game, by far, for me. I can't guarantee that your game will play in any way like mine, but maybe it'll help. Good luck.