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08-14-2008, 02:06 PM
At first work on the 15 and the 15-30 decks to open up higher stakes decks, don't worry about going into debt with these decks. When you open up higher stakes decks such as the 15-150, 30-300, 60-600, 150-1500, never try to push your "luck" when you're betting the max (always bet max). Always take offers over 15, unless you have a feeling you're going to get lucky. As the higher stakes decks are opened the less number cards the decks have, making it easier or harder on how much you want to press your "luck". Remember don't be a greedy bastard when your risking it all, take the safe way out and earn a few more gold. I was 3k in debt and now I'm rolling 10k large in the bank. Hope this help some of you.