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08-14-2008, 06:51 PM
could somebody please help me with the 9th minikit on the 1st level?its the 1 near the end of the level where u enter a room as a stormtrooper and build up 2 switchs which only c3po can use.walkthrough says blow up a box and a flower appears then u should get minikit but i cant seem 2 get minikit 2 show up.

09-08-2008, 03:12 AM
Canister 1
Needed: Dark Force User

Near the start you will open a door with a switch on either side. Once
open some rebels will run to the left. Head right and you will see the
canister ahead. As you approach the door closes. A Dark Force User can
open the door with the Force.

Canister 2
Needed: Bounty Hunter

There is a room with grating for the floor; you can see the canister
under it. Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the silver object so you can
jump down.

Canister 3
Needed: Force User

In the room with grating for the floor, climb to the top where you
build the bridge extending mechanism and use the force on the two
sections of wall to the right. Climb to the top and jump up for the

Canister 4:
Needed: Bounty Hunter
Protocol Droid

This canister will appear when you find all three items on the level.

1 of 3: After you encouter Darth Vader for the first time,
there is a door in the next room that requires a Bounty Hunter
to open. Destroy the crate next to the door and an item will
2 of 3: Now open the door and head inside. Follow the corridor along,
but turn into the corridor on the left. Destroy the crates and
the silver object ahead for another item.
3 of 3: Continue on and open the force field using a Protocol Droid.
Destroy the crate here.

The canister now appears. Head back up the corridor the way you came,
the canister is down the corridor you turned off.

Canister 5
Needed: Bounty Hunter

Go to the end of the corridor after the Bounty Hunter Door, don't turn
off. There are ramps to either side. Go up each and some blocks will
fall out. Once both sides have spat out bricks, build the results into
a door. The canister is behind the door.

Canister 6
Needed: Force User

In the room with two pushable blocks and a raised area. There are two
blocks on the raised area that a Force User can move to enable you to
climb to the ledge with the canister on.

Canister 7
Needed: Protocol Droid
Force User

After opening the door using the two push blocks you will be in a
corridor with a lot of small vents on the wall that can be manipulated
using the force. Use the force on the first top one on the left after
the force field (you will need to use the force on the bottom one,
then immediatelly again to get the top one) and a secret panel on the
wall will open.

Canister 8
Needed: Bounty Hunter

Go into the Bounty Hunter door near the begining and destroy the crates
in the corridor. Build the blocks that come out into a vehicle. Now
drive that back through the door and along the corridors heading
towards the end. In the room with the crane and the rebel that drops
the bridge so you can cross is a gray ramp leading to a platform with
four red lights on it. Drive onto that platform to make the canister

Canister 9
Needed: Bounty Hunter

After the room with the crane you see some rebels being escorted by
stormtroopers. There are three items to find after this screen.

1 of 3: Destroy the walls on the left in the corridor the rebels were
being escorted through and you will get a notice.
2 of 3: In the corridor where you have to build the blocks to cross
the gaps, at the corner is a door that can only be opened by a
stormtrooper. Inside destroy more blocks.
3 of 3: In the second part of the corridor where you need to build the
bridges into the gaps, Destroy the silver object here.

The canister appears ahead, infront of the escape pods.

Canister 10
Needed: Dark Force User
Astromech Droid

At the end, use an Astromech Droid to open the escape pods. Inside one
is a pair of Beachtroopers (Stormtroopers in their underwear) in a
bath. Use the Dark Force on the taps in there to make a canister

Power Brick
Needed: Bounty HUnter
Protocol Droid
Force User

Open the Bounty Hunter door after you encounter Darth Vader and head
inside. Go to the Protocol Droid force field and open it. Ahead is a
large pair of doors, inside is a lot of hanging items. Use the force
on the two on the right to make some plants grow. Now destroy those
plants and the Power Brick will appear.